Saturday, 19 August 2006

a tribute to the shoes involved

today i was busy packing, clearing everything in the house and halls. and while i was doing that... i decided... i shall blog about the shoes that played an important role in g&g. ;o) *no i actually just want to show them off* haha.
what... most of these shoes are specially designed and MADE by a dear friend of mine ma. miss wong dyi yee. she made them like... in super short notice... so i must show off! hahahaha... no no this aren't korea or hong kong shoes ah... no no not from china... tapi... dari MALAYSIA.

the legendary heels of gol & gincu. i brought them back for the season finale.

ta da. the billboard's heels. without them... that billboard is just a plain joe and jane billboard. HOHO.

melissa hated this. faz love them. *and faz hated her billboard heels, while melissa loved them*

mell's other shoe.

this was made for the camping scene. since putri don't know she is actually going for a camping trip. a flat heels that's casual yet sporty was designed. but it was too big. thus the pink slippers.

ms amani was suppose to wear this for the finale. but she was busy. thank heavens zarina forgotten to bring heels that day. she saved mr bunny and ms bunny from staying behind. they we busy bouncing that night. ;o) cute kan!

woot. i love this heels... there's 2 ways to wear them... observe the shoe whore's demo...

option 1.

option 2. LOL.

this cost the most ah... with all those studs and that super rare purple leather. aiyo. and sazzy almost didn't wanna wear them in the finale... slap slap. hahaha.

i even had to customize haikal's red heels. since his shoe size is... unavailable in the shoe industry... the size? let's just say it's BIG. and you know what they say men with a big heels foot.

thou we had loads of shoes some came from fazura, and all those high high wedges are sazzy's own.
i eventually gave putri more flats for 2 reason.
the first, wearing flats show a development in her character. that putri is no longer the girly girl or the cliche dumb blonde who's just stuck with one fetish in life. *if you watched the movie she's always with heels, even while playing futsal... she's with heels... HAHA*
second... someone complained that putri looks too tall when she stands next to her. i shall not name that someone. but that someone will kill me soon. hahahahahahahaha
i sahaja. hehe.


Anonymous said...

all the shoes look great.i love all of them..its make g&g perfect.hope G&g stay g&g.
how about 2nd season??


black_chix said...

aha..those shoes r rly chantek...
luv them..n vry2 girlie..can i hav one plz.. :p

CaZa said...


i lurveeeeeeee those shoes!

very the tempting to go shopping for shoes tomorrow...


anyways, nice job!!

m&m said...

can;t wait 2 watch gng tommorow...lurve all the shoes

Bazzzzz said...

Ohh tell me where can i find one of thise shoes. i looooove it. :)))) yeah & i cant wait for g&g tonight.

all the waay from brunei. HAHA
♥ baz

Bazzzzz said...

opps spelling correction *those

Liyana said...

Daniel... the shoes very the cantik ! I looiikkkeee !!Esp the Blue zig-zag one.

Is there any way that your friend give me a quotation for customised made shoe? My shoe size mcm cinderella ... hehe...

-M- said...

I like! I like! Shoes are awesome! My fav would be d one on the poster for G&G the movie. Been wondering how I could get hold of 'em *grin*

-M- said...

Hey Daniel! You were d one seated behind Pu3 in class kan?

Anonymous said...

very sweet la all da shoes tu..
anyway boring plak smalam nmpk muke ayu ..
nasib baik reza xcair
btw pity 2 putri..
xsaba nk tgk next week nyer story
its da final episode???
boring lerrr :(
cepatnyer abis.....

One said...

hmm...somebody "enter frame" in last nite's show..
hahaha..berebut TV with my son last nite...
he wanted to watch Nujum Pak Belalang on TV2..
me usual lah..kena tgk G&G..
guess who won...ahaks...
sori abang..mama mmg kena tgk G&G..makes me feel younger..

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the G7G team for last night's episode specifically on the Gay teen - coming out to family issue. You guys have really pushed the envelope on this one where no one would dare to even mention it.
I hope there will be more development on those characters because it is part and parcel of the reality in our society.
And secondly, I think Sasha and Haikal have the best chemistry on-screen. Love the dynamics of these two characters.

scorp said...

so how many viewers for the whole season? above 1mil? =)

Fashionasia said...

wow...thumbs up for G&G! didnt know that even fine details as the shoes were customized for them. *clap clap*
I absolutely adore the green one that can be worn 2 ways. Unique indeed.
Which reminds me to remember to catch G&G tonight. ;>

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