Monday, 28 August 2006


from the team of gol & gincu (well that means yours truly, the cast, the production crew, the post production crew, datin marina, lina tan, lee mee fung, alan tan, joanna lee, peng, bernard chauly, rafidah, keong, raymond, etc etc etc) would like to say... oh and 8TV... THANK YOU for your support! if it wasn't YOU. yes YOU. we wouldn't be so fetiche!
see you in season 2.
oh btw, the series is out. go buy it. hehe.
... and... post your comments all... for season2... START... posting...

Tuesday, 22 August 2006

goodbye g&g HELLO to goodbye boys.

erm. i. want. to. erm. be. a shameless. attention whore. for. the day.

introducing goodbye boys. as many of you should already know by now... i've been shameless name dropping this tittle for the pass few months now... well it's not that prominent but i did it before. anyways this is bernard chauly's second film. sadly it will not be shown in the cinemas due to some screening issues. nonetheless only selected winners *you have to take part in some contest that 8tv, Hots FM and FLY FM will be doing next month* will get to watch it on a private screening and you get door gift and a very nicely designed t-shirt. and the rest of you. the unlucky ones... will have to live with it via VCD and no t-shirt. le sigh.

for synopsis, cast, downloads, trailers... do visit...

and here is goodbye boys' OST music video by nitrus.
enjoy it. i kick ass trees but no idea how to do a bitch slap. huh? *go watch la to find out wtf i'm blabbering about* LOL.

joanna "the producer of g&g, she did goodbye boys as well ya" must be like... OMG this daniel is such a pirate. hahahaha.

while you are waiting for it to upload... here's something related to gol & gincu. well as most of you would know... this coming sunday is our last episode.
freat not... we they are most probably going to have a second season. HORAY.
so here's the thing... i'm like curious. like what do you like to see in the second season? i know what i want to see... haikal and shasha... GOSH watch what's going to happen this coming sunday! *that's if 8tv do not spoil it for you* LOL so do write it up what do you like to see happening in gol & gincu's second season...
oh btw... PLEASE SAY YES to haikal & shasha... then we can fly to JARKATA to shoot. hahahahaha. *keep dreaming daniel... keep dreaming*

oh hehe... and while you are waiting for the music video above that has yours truly in it... *well that cameo last week wasn't enough la* and while you are thinking of what should be shown and explored in season 2... here's the clip that i previously deleted in one of the post cuz it was way too early to show you... enjoy miss pelakon pembantu wanita terbaik and mr haikal dancing... ;o) enjoy.

Anonymous: yes... we shall bug RED COM. JOANNA. LINA TAN. RAFIDAH. BERNARD. for a second season.
black_chix: sorry. no loh. but you can buy them... soon...
CaZa: YIKS. save your money. the shoes will be made available soon... SAVE THAT MONEY!
m&m: thanks. and i HEARTS M&Ms. hehe.
Bazzzzz: WAH... i didn't know BRUNEI get to watch G&G!!! amazed!!! thanks for your support... *now that explains why sometimes there's a visitor from Brunei... hehe...
Liyana: i'll ask her... *actually she read the blog... gosh she's so FLATTen... hehe*
-M-: shh... SHHH SHHH... these shoes will be made available by early next year. well NEWer style and look of cuz. you could get them most probably from a shop in ONE UTAMA. we're arranging consignment with one of the shops there.
One said... thanks one for all your support!!! and hehe... that somebody didn't just enter frame... that somebody will be in... well half of the season finale. and that somebody did a feature film... LOL
Anonymous: oh yes yes... but well you'll be so SNIFF SNIFF in season finale...
scorp: i've no idea. but i heard we have the highest rating for the sunday program. we'll probably need... SAZZY. send me the picture of that graph thing, for out ratings!!! thanks!

peace y'all

Saturday, 19 August 2006

a tribute to the shoes involved

today i was busy packing, clearing everything in the house and halls. and while i was doing that... i decided... i shall blog about the shoes that played an important role in g&g. ;o) *no i actually just want to show them off* haha.
what... most of these shoes are specially designed and MADE by a dear friend of mine ma. miss wong dyi yee. she made them like... in super short notice... so i must show off! hahahaha... no no this aren't korea or hong kong shoes ah... no no not from china... tapi... dari MALAYSIA.

the legendary heels of gol & gincu. i brought them back for the season finale.

ta da. the billboard's heels. without them... that billboard is just a plain joe and jane billboard. HOHO.

melissa hated this. faz love them. *and faz hated her billboard heels, while melissa loved them*

mell's other shoe.

this was made for the camping scene. since putri don't know she is actually going for a camping trip. a flat heels that's casual yet sporty was designed. but it was too big. thus the pink slippers.

ms amani was suppose to wear this for the finale. but she was busy. thank heavens zarina forgotten to bring heels that day. she saved mr bunny and ms bunny from staying behind. they we busy bouncing that night. ;o) cute kan!

woot. i love this heels... there's 2 ways to wear them... observe the shoe whore's demo...

option 1.

option 2. LOL.

this cost the most ah... with all those studs and that super rare purple leather. aiyo. and sazzy almost didn't wanna wear them in the finale... slap slap. hahaha.

i even had to customize haikal's red heels. since his shoe size is... unavailable in the shoe industry... the size? let's just say it's BIG. and you know what they say men with a big heels foot.

thou we had loads of shoes some came from fazura, and all those high high wedges are sazzy's own.
i eventually gave putri more flats for 2 reason.
the first, wearing flats show a development in her character. that putri is no longer the girly girl or the cliche dumb blonde who's just stuck with one fetish in life. *if you watched the movie she's always with heels, even while playing futsal... she's with heels... HAHA*
second... someone complained that putri looks too tall when she stands next to her. i shall not name that someone. but that someone will kill me soon. hahahahahahahaha
i sahaja. hehe.

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

camera. rolling. ACTION. ops. NG.

i gotten the verbal approval to show you the censored scenes from the jail scene... say THANK YOU. ;o)
it's about 16 minutes *imagine how long it took me to download it here*,
well plus other inserted scenes la. and yet this is not the full censored clip. theres' more... yiks...
anyways... i present to you... g&g the raw cut. *it will take some time to load, be patient like me when i uploaded it*

this is actually the edit copy created for all the police scenes. was send for approval. then some was censored as you would know. LOL. but i guess... not any more... LOL...

alia: my producer needs more time to think about season2. *but i heard that 8tv already requested that we make it* haha. THANKS!
Pujangga Malam: i tak tau la. but if they do... *thou i highly doubt it* i'll inform you guys here. like... i'll SCREAM.
Liyana: OK! i'll do. *gosh he does have so many fans huh*
CaZa: THANKS. for congrats for what huh? haha. or rather to whom? hehe.
mango: yeap yeap.
ayshy: chuckles. hehe.
black_chix & sara002: MUAKS. we HEARTS you too.
Anonymous: my real name is daniel henry chin kwok-fei. as per id. i know so posh my name. don't jealous. LOL.
maxx & amyz: i'm sure she knows. she reads this blog... ahhh see she's here already. HAHA.
Anonymous: yeah so did i.
SaZZY: haha. thanks! thou i seriously do think eric deserved it *if anyone else won, i've probably fainted on spot*. it was after all best costume designer. gol and gincu didn't had that many costumes. only certain scenes.

i'm sure you guys voted. *i know i did* hehe. thanks for the tonnes of supports!!!

Monday, 14 August 2006

film fest pic

i present to you... film fest pictures... *as usual not much... since i'm lazy busy...* video's on the way... stay tuned...
and eric choong won best costume designer. congrats!!! oh btw... i was nominated as... mohd henry chin... then there's also... daniel henry & chin kwok-fei... and thanks utusan malaysia... for enrolling me into izzat artistic team... *like whatever*

ayshy this is for you... i told mr pierre aka reza that you lurves seeing him on ACTION.

fazura and her bitch. ;o)

sazzy WON... yay...

photo was dark. cuz mr alam was doing interview at the back. so NO FLASH allowed... thus the stylo picture.

the 3R girls in Melinda Looi's ready to wear range...

bye bye... me busy with work... ta... for now... ;o)

Sunday, 13 August 2006

it's gonna be short.

it's going to be a short post.
*a bit geram no comments... urgh i can't bitch... so not me... le sigh ;o)*

anyways in tonights episode... something shocking is going to happen. but not that you guys already don't know. so not much point AGAIN for me to do any spoiler... since 8tv already bursted it out. so instead... please watch it and see one thing for me... as i'm not going to be able to watch tonight's episode again... le sigh.
*well i watch via ipod video so it's a small small screen and i can't see everything*

is that our billboard behind???

hehe. this guy is going to play Ling's love interest. LOL.

that's all. see i told you it was short.

oh... on unrelated newz... i met sazzy & ash the other day...

they are busy watching episode 12. LOL. via my piracy copy. *shhh shhh*

astro loves sazzy. her very own hall of fame. hope she grabs all the awards tonight. hehe.

as for me. even if i don't get the award... it's already a happy thing that i'm included in the final 5. when i took on the stylist position for gol & gincu the movie i never even expected to be competiting in anything at all... so yeah this is a plus plus already for me... *DAMN if only i knew back then!!!* LOL.

Thursday, 10 August 2006

*saya datang ni*

gosh i've been so wanting to post. but i'm currently busy with IMPIAN ILLYANA...
*well invading G&G is just not enough... I MUST attack the entire Malaysia FILMs' industry... HAHAHAHA*
but only after episode 25, my magic starts... the beginning... god knows who did it. i don't. HAHA

hahahahaha i made it. finally made it. took me a while but i'm sure it's worth your laugh. HEHE.
putri is like a flash man! look at how she RUNs...
and then catch sarah's expression... HAHAHA... hilarious...
the best moment... is when *Ling Tang who plays the pekerja seks cina 1* takes out a pack of sanitary pad. LOL. *i should have made a spoiler... something like... zie got a bag of drugs and she went WILD haha*
yeah anyways... observe Zie's face... it looks like she just found the holy grail/pandora box... hahaha...
BUT the best expression was on Ling's face *celina khor*... just look at her!!! so funny!!! i burst laughing everytime! gosh... it's crazy...

talking about Celina Khor... i did a fashion spread with her long time ago... but it's out this month in FEMININE... well it's a chinese mag la... i also don't know what they wrote about her *i'm a banana so sue me* anyways here are the pictures... it's not the full version or the actual ones *they have been re-edited* but they'll do... if you wanna know more... go check it out at your nearest news stand... *and while you are doing so, go check out KLUE i'm in it... HAHAHA along with razif and 6 other boys*

photography by kenneth lim of adept studio, make-up by yap li wei, concept and styling by yours truly. hehe

black_chix: kan! but i guess it worked out fine la!
limaubasi: sarcastic la you. HAHA
kombat: thanks i loved that t-shirt too.
the previously Anonymous lurker: THANKS!!! but having your name/nick here would be cool too!!!
-m-: i rather GET that video than having to spend another 1 hours typing. i want... SLEEP! hahaha. i'll go rob it... or... i secretly show it... HAHAHAHA...
niksu: yea MALAYSIA boleh! YES sadly but it's true... only 3 more to go... le sigh...
one: you're so funny!!! hahaha... i can't imagine what your kids asked... LOL.
black_chix: haha i'm serious... it's so clean!
Hot ChocoLate: he's not dato K...
Anonymous: really he's NOT... stop it. haha.

NOW a bitchy part of me emerges...

Anonymous but proud Student of LUCT: well i'm sorry we HAD to use your place. we weren't given a choice either! yeah it's a stupid lame-ass series, so why not YOU make something fetiche for us MALAYSIAN to watch, whoever you are... and besides... i wrote that remark here to tell the public, it was never meant to complain about LUCT and their obessive branding... i know we have to and we did whatever we could to advertise the brand LIM KOK WING in almost every single frame whenever we are in LUCT, the focus here darling is WHY ARE THEY MY and make-up ADVISORs when they don't QUALIFY to advise me/us??? *it's an even CHEAP move to put yourself ANONYMOUS*

i love bit*ching. keep them coming. =)

if you must know. there were plenty of times when we all wanted to quit this production because it was just too much work. *not to mention last mintue scripts, last minute schedules, etc* we shot everyday, like mad and hectic. most of us, we had no contract to say we HAVE to continue shooting. even some of the cast wanted to like... just KILL my role, i'm done with playing *name of role*!!! but it was because of YOU, your continous support, and articles that we read on the media that gave us strength to continue this production.
from the crew of g&g, i thank all of you for your support & love.
and thanks Jo, Peng, Mona, Becky, Andrea, Raymond, *who else have i not pissed off on set???* for baring with me. HOHOHO.

OH... before i conclude... interesting fact behind the scene... the "saya datang ni" scene was initially suppose to be done by J, Fasha, but because of her schedule... we had to get Zie to do it. hehe.

Monday, 7 August 2006

KAMbings ah...

visitors from abroad *waves fanatically* hullo *have always wanted to do this*. i wonder who you are and why you're here. but welcome welcome. today... you get to see... how a malaysian prison, oh well not really a prison... but how a lock up looks like... and NO it's not how you would expect it to look like from prison break... this is ghetto style!

i present to you the scences that didn't make it into episode 10! *once again waves fanatically to the aliens HELLO*

WOW if only you can hear what he was saying... LOL...

the goats... that didn't made it in the show... say CUMIN...

i heard... *well i was away... as usual...* that they shitted everywhere that day... like EEEuuUUUU...

one little goat... grabbed on the tailll... comes the next... on his ermm... whatever that rhythms...

two little goats...

AGAIN i wish you could have heard what she was yelling about! hahaha. so farnie...

in this episode if you noticed, putri is actually wearing a KAMBING t-shirt. it's by adidas old school... cool huh... so technically even in the female lock up there's a kambing... HAHA.

awww... this is the phone people... i use to snap pictures with... say THANK YOU! lol

i just noticed i didn't get the full version of the scensored scenes... hurmps... i'll ask for the full one... there's something farnie and weird in it... and it explains a whole lot more... HURMPS now i've to go to the editing studio again... HURMP...!!!
there's more to come... i'm currently doing a moving pictures of my favorite scene in episode 10...

NO it's not the i'm your father scene la... that's so YAWN... LOL... so stay tuned... i'm going to watch prison break now... TATA.
oh do NOTE. the pictures are brighten up so you can see the goats clearly... it was a dark dark place... really dark...

Sunday, 6 August 2006

sing songs episode 10

gosh. i might never want to do this songs thing again. cuz everytime you request it i have to look at the credit roll and i see that horrible eye sore thing. yes it's a small matter, but... they didn't deserved it at all. that's the problem! urgh.

oh the toilet there at that memorial park... is truly clean. HAHA.

anyways... the songs for tonight's episode 10. le sigh... episode 10... 3 more to go. SIGHs.

the songs are mainly from BAU, the tittles are...

wajah kita

now go stalk some other local t.v. programem.

one: i hope you are still lovin' this series!

ayshy: you're most welcomed.

Anonymous said...
got razif's e-mail...??
or friendster/blog/myspace..?
... you think i'm that stupid to reveil such privacy? want to tell him something... then do it here la. he reads this blog i believe... or rather his sister does. ;o)

mat: who am i? who do you want me to be? but more like... who are you?

black_chix: i know! haha. cuz, malaysia boleh kan! *i hope you are malaysian, otherwise it's "insert your country's name" boleh too!*

ok i'm lazy already. bye. for now. seriously... go harass someone else now.

not much of a spoiler after all

it's not that i'm not keen in updating this blog or decided to go on a strike for the credit reason. but i couldn't get the ideal visuals i wanted to put here today for the super spoiler of the week. i'll get the ASAP.

today the jail scence is finally here. GO WATCH it. but we had to sensor a lot of scenes. like a lot. *but don't worry those are the visuals i'll put up here as soon i get my hands on them*

we initially had 'kambings' but then we had to take them out cuz the police department said no out of a sudden even after they approved the scritp *to their defence, they said they had no time to read the script, just approved it for the sake of LOVING us too much, but in the end they decided, they don't LOVE us that much afterall*

and today. the one MAJOR SECRET revails. it's kinna weird but, i guess i'll shut up for now.

gosh. the final episode is catching up soon. this is like what episode 10 already. le sigh.

anyways to compensate on today's picture MIA... i'll show you TMO of episode 5. ;o)
the slumber party scene and the sportsplanet scene.

bitch: now daniel don't you wish you took more photos and videos while you were still on set?
me: 'nods' 'frowns' 'nods' yes. huuhuuhuu.
bitch: you lazy arse!
me: stop IT! huuhuu... BUT sazzy has pictures too! she made me snap the whole time with her camera! *half true*

me: ehy. hey. i know where else i can get pictures! the conti camera! HOHOHO. i'll go steal it... meanwhile people... enjoy this videos caputed with a samsung phone not motorola, they didn't sponsored me the gold v3 ;p LOL.

bitch: why are you scribbling so much of words here? all nonsenses!
me: what! so sue me! i have nothing better to do now while waiting for the videos to upload!!! oh you shut up bitch! just 2 more minutes to go!

it was late a early morning shoot. like 3am. i don't know why all our shoots seems to be freaking early.

khatijah tan feeling HWAT. you might think that we are all pampered with air-conditioning, nice aura, fabulous trailer etc but you're so wrong. there must be total silents on set so that the audio is clean and clear. meaning... no spinning fans or air-corns are allowed at all time. and of cuz no silent your damn handphones and your mouth.

pierre does... NGs *no good*... and that's also the last "cayang cayang scene" in gol & gincu.

Thursday, 3 August 2006

songs for episode 9

i'm extremely disgusted...

this is was how the credit roll looked like... NOW...

it's bad enough that they don't want to credit their own students, and staffs for acting,
NOW... they want to be known as advisors as well?????
*imagine a japanese anime with a big water mark on his head, BIG BIG water mark*
like what the FUCK did they do to deserve this credit? EXCUSE ME!? daniel henry "needs" ADVISE from LIM KOK WING? HA. HA. HULLO i get fashion advise only from my lecturers affiliated with PARSONS NEW YORK and works in the fashion industry and SML FASHION ACADEMY not those jailed and slaving their arse in a black black black HOLE. WHAT FUCKING advise CRAP from LIM COCK KOK WING? and HULLO MAKE UP advise comes from Susan Chaopradith.
WE ARE BOTH CONTRIBUTORS TO god knows how many TV COMMERCIALS and TOP SELLING FASHION MAGAZINES! think what red com picked us up from the street one fine day and decided we would slave for people???
this is TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like they have ever bother to advise both the head of department on anything.
I REFUSE TO TAKE THIS POST DOWN. you can suck lick my ass instead. i don't know why people are just so HADAP for titles... might as well... director. LUCT, producer. LUCT, channel. LUCT, *ah... gosh i'm already advertising LUCT* and i think they wouldn't mind if we called this LUCT instead of gol & gincu the series.
see misya this is WHY i said some sponsors are not worth me mentioning... WHO. EVER. GOES. TO. LUCT after this... i'm so NOT sorry. i HATEs you. ;o)

anyways... here are the songs...

first time they chat, you in me by juwita suwito
red ribbon meeting, kamu by nitrus

other songs used for episode 9

diari seorang lelaki by pretty ugly
cinta tiada akhirnya by jacklyn victor.

*imagine a japanese anime with a big # on his head, a big BIG parang on his left hand*
oh my dear darling lectures... LOVE ME. ;o)

oh i forgot, once a upon a time. my fashion lecturer *well she also works for established designers while lecturing me, so this does not apply to those who lectured me, THANK GOD* and art tutor *he did art with mr jolly koh* told me, that, if you teach fashion full time without contributing to the fashion world, *like work in the industry, in any factory and understand how the system works* but just teach full time especially right after college, university. YOU ARE A FAILURE in the fashion industry. WHY? what do you know apart from the WORDs you read from your fashion text books *most colleges don't have a proper fashion text book, they use MAGAZINEs, really*. and mind you in malaysia, most we don't get to learn law in fashion, fashion business, copyrights in fashion, so what could you teach your students? NOTHING much REALLY. ha.ha.ha. how much can you earn lecturing? not much. how much can you earn if you are a well established fashion designer? well... i have no idea, but look... just look at... erm... justin oh, yeoh lee, and zang toi to name a few. *go google their names if you don't know them already* they are probably not very rich but very well known in the fashion industry. btw i worked in fashion factories before this. hint hint. haha.

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