Sunday, 6 August 2006

sing songs episode 10

gosh. i might never want to do this songs thing again. cuz everytime you request it i have to look at the credit roll and i see that horrible eye sore thing. yes it's a small matter, but... they didn't deserved it at all. that's the problem! urgh.

oh the toilet there at that memorial park... is truly clean. HAHA.

anyways... the songs for tonight's episode 10. le sigh... episode 10... 3 more to go. SIGHs.

the songs are mainly from BAU, the tittles are...

wajah kita

now go stalk some other local t.v. programem.

one: i hope you are still lovin' this series!

ayshy: you're most welcomed.

Anonymous said...
got razif's e-mail...??
or friendster/blog/myspace..?
... you think i'm that stupid to reveil such privacy? want to tell him something... then do it here la. he reads this blog i believe... or rather his sister does. ;o)

mat: who am i? who do you want me to be? but more like... who are you?

black_chix: i know! haha. cuz, malaysia boleh kan! *i hope you are malaysian, otherwise it's "insert your country's name" boleh too!*

ok i'm lazy already. bye. for now. seriously... go harass someone else now.


niksu said...

i like g&g's choices of songs. mengetengahkan band2 malaysia. :)

oh serious 3 more episodes to go? i will miss g&g nanti. i am a BIG fan of g&g.

now g&g really tahap klimaks and konflik. oh my. cant wait to watch the next episode.

your team has done a SUPERgreat job. keep it on! you will always have my support.

One said...

still lovin the series..
got my eldest to watch it too now..(he's 10)
juz need 2 prepare myself if he starts to ask a lot of questions..

black_chix said...

dis episode is freaking surprised lol.n i luv dat! huhhuh..only dis week i just realize daniel henry name as 'penata pakaian'.huhuh..u r great la daniel when choosin pakaian.huhuh..owh rly bleh tido in toilet at tugu negara?hahahha..i shud make a rombongan there n c da cleanliness.hmm..dis episode oso show some beautiful scenery place at kl.ya.. i wish oso to have a date wit my bf at da klcc scenery but agak cuak if caught wit jakim.hahahah..n da one i rly luv in dat episode is kambing2 oso pegi gig..hahahah.. plakon smapingan tu sgt funny.. malaysia boleh!

-M- said...

yea la.. d casting very good one.. but of coz not forgetting d pemilih pakaian *giggles*
keep it up!

Hot ChocoLate said...

eheheh...y the inspector polis muke mcm Dato K?eheheh...

Anonymous said...

hhhhaaaa!!!! yup !! i agree wit hot chocolate...the inspector police is totally mcm muka c dato k!!! so funny u, maybe dato k is trying to be an additional actor..ya leh... to support the majlis perkahwinannya yg grant tuuuuu!!!! ai!!! duit bank dah hbs ke!!!???

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