Sunday, 6 August 2006

not much of a spoiler after all

it's not that i'm not keen in updating this blog or decided to go on a strike for the credit reason. but i couldn't get the ideal visuals i wanted to put here today for the super spoiler of the week. i'll get the ASAP.

today the jail scence is finally here. GO WATCH it. but we had to sensor a lot of scenes. like a lot. *but don't worry those are the visuals i'll put up here as soon i get my hands on them*

we initially had 'kambings' but then we had to take them out cuz the police department said no out of a sudden even after they approved the scritp *to their defence, they said they had no time to read the script, just approved it for the sake of LOVING us too much, but in the end they decided, they don't LOVE us that much afterall*

and today. the one MAJOR SECRET revails. it's kinna weird but, i guess i'll shut up for now.

gosh. the final episode is catching up soon. this is like what episode 10 already. le sigh.

anyways to compensate on today's picture MIA... i'll show you TMO of episode 5. ;o)
the slumber party scene and the sportsplanet scene.

bitch: now daniel don't you wish you took more photos and videos while you were still on set?
me: 'nods' 'frowns' 'nods' yes. huuhuuhuu.
bitch: you lazy arse!
me: stop IT! huuhuu... BUT sazzy has pictures too! she made me snap the whole time with her camera! *half true*

me: ehy. hey. i know where else i can get pictures! the conti camera! HOHOHO. i'll go steal it... meanwhile people... enjoy this videos caputed with a samsung phone not motorola, they didn't sponsored me the gold v3 ;p LOL.

bitch: why are you scribbling so much of words here? all nonsenses!
me: what! so sue me! i have nothing better to do now while waiting for the videos to upload!!! oh you shut up bitch! just 2 more minutes to go!

it was late a early morning shoot. like 3am. i don't know why all our shoots seems to be freaking early.

khatijah tan feeling HWAT. you might think that we are all pampered with air-conditioning, nice aura, fabulous trailer etc but you're so wrong. there must be total silents on set so that the audio is clean and clear. meaning... no spinning fans or air-corns are allowed at all time. and of cuz no silent your damn handphones and your mouth.

pierre does... NGs *no good*... and that's also the last "cayang cayang scene" in gol & gincu.


Anonymous said...

can u guys PLEASEEEE turn the thing whole over by setting up putri finally ends-up with eddy?i wish u do.....

ayshy said...

no no..i want putri ended up with Reza!!

boleh gitu?

Anonymous said...

yes i agree..


black_chix said...

it shuld be putri n reza ait? i want putri bck to reza..! awwwww

-M- said...

yes yes.. i wish they r back together *pu3 & reza i mean*

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