Tuesday, 22 August 2006

goodbye g&g HELLO to goodbye boys.

erm. i. want. to. erm. be. a shameless. attention whore. for. the day.

introducing goodbye boys. as many of you should already know by now... i've been shameless name dropping this tittle for the pass few months now... well it's not that prominent but i did it before. anyways this is bernard chauly's second film. sadly it will not be shown in the cinemas due to some screening issues. nonetheless only selected winners *you have to take part in some contest that 8tv, Hots FM and FLY FM will be doing next month* will get to watch it on a private screening and you get door gift and a very nicely designed t-shirt. and the rest of you. the unlucky ones... will have to live with it via VCD and no t-shirt. le sigh.

for synopsis, cast, downloads, trailers... do visit...

and here is goodbye boys' OST music video by nitrus.
enjoy it. i kick ass trees but no idea how to do a bitch slap. huh? *go watch la to find out wtf i'm blabbering about* LOL.

joanna "the producer of g&g, she did goodbye boys as well ya" must be like... OMG this daniel is such a pirate. hahahaha.

while you are waiting for it to upload... here's something related to gol & gincu. well as most of you would know... this coming sunday is our last episode.
freat not... we they are most probably going to have a second season. HORAY.
so here's the thing... i'm like curious. like what do you like to see in the second season? i know what i want to see... haikal and shasha... GOSH watch what's going to happen this coming sunday! *that's if 8tv do not spoil it for you* LOL so do write it up what do you like to see happening in gol & gincu's second season...
oh btw... PLEASE SAY YES to haikal & shasha... then we can fly to JARKATA to shoot. hahahahaha. *keep dreaming daniel... keep dreaming*

oh hehe... and while you are waiting for the music video above that has yours truly in it... *well that cameo last week wasn't enough la* and while you are thinking of what should be shown and explored in season 2... here's the clip that i previously deleted in one of the post cuz it was way too early to show you... enjoy miss pelakon pembantu wanita terbaik and mr haikal dancing... ;o) enjoy.

Anonymous: yes... we shall bug RED COM. JOANNA. LINA TAN. RAFIDAH. BERNARD. for a second season.
black_chix: sorry. no loh. but you can buy them... soon...
CaZa: YIKS. save your money. the shoes will be made available soon... SAVE THAT MONEY!
m&m: thanks. and i HEARTS M&Ms. hehe.
Bazzzzz: WAH... i didn't know BRUNEI get to watch G&G!!! amazed!!! thanks for your support... *now that explains why sometimes there's a visitor from Brunei... hehe...
Liyana: i'll ask her... *actually she read the blog... gosh she's so FLATTen... hehe*
-M-: shh... SHHH SHHH... these shoes will be made available by early next year. well NEWer style and look of cuz. you could get them most probably from a shop in ONE UTAMA. we're arranging consignment with one of the shops there.
One said... thanks one for all your support!!! and hehe... that somebody didn't just enter frame... that somebody will be in... well half of the season finale. and that somebody did a feature film... LOL
Anonymous: oh yes yes... but well you'll be so SNIFF SNIFF in season finale...
scorp: i've no idea. but i heard we have the highest rating for the sunday program. we'll probably need... SAZZY. send me the picture of that graph thing, for out ratings!!! thanks!

peace y'all


m&m said...

ilurve to watch in the car scene where haikal nearly kissed shasha n i do hope that happened but...hehehehee n another scene when haikal got his "toink" dun understand it @ first... huhuhuhu.... hopefully gng season 2 will come out wif shasha n haikal luv story. they're very romantic. n not forgetting pu3, mia n frens. as ussual can't wait to watch the last episode....adios..

*gol & gincu the official blog page* said...

yiks. pathetic~nya... until today only got one comment... but the shoe post... immediately got like 12 comments in 2 days... this post like so long dah tapi tak comment langsung... oh well... daniel merajuk... tak nak post lagi dah la. cioz people! see you in season 2 je la.

m&m said...

dun arrr daniel.. maybe ppl wanna wait till da last episode to drop their comment.. dun worry!!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for the season 2..i love haikal&shasha...they'r really cute&romantic...hopefully there r more love story about them on season 2..can't wait for last episode..wawawa..i can't live without g&g


Liyana said...

Alah Daniel... merajuk lah pulak... jgn lah merajuk, I tersangat lah jauh untuk i pujuk u. Nanti, u tunggu I naik KL lagi eh, then I pujuk u personally ok ?? =)

Come on... give me a smile... and pls keep posting... pls...

m&m said...

pity haikal, lurve haikal n shasha...hate ayu!!!!real jerk laa dat gurl! well can't wait 4 gng season 2 arghhhhh lama lg ke? good luck in ur life daniel....

Anonymous said...

yehhh!! screw ayu!! crazzzzeeee
please puuuut haikal back in season 2!!
btw, anyone knws the songs played in this episode
awesome awesome episode
and daniel you were awesome too!!

Hani Mialystic said...

hmm yg i notice one song

imaginasi by niki waktu haikal and shasha kt tangga yg sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet giler tuh

well sadly haikal and shasha steal pu3's limelight. sokay babe next season yah. hehehe.

daniel, letak la gamba wan elyas. hes so damn cool ok. fall in love with him *pengsan*


Fie said...

first time posting:

Saying yes to Haikal and Sha Sha! Love them!

anita natalia said...

hey daniel
my names anita
i simply adore g&g
n definately looking 4ward to goodbye boys
im from ipoh..
bernard cauly was from ipoh(kewl!)
i adore sazzy so for syre YES TO HAIKAL N SHASHA...
newayz i find u really ammusing=)
take care

Anonymous said...

hyey daniel...
im a B.I.G fan of G n G... glad 2 hear that therell b 2nd season of gng...

>>slimsabrina ^^

Anonymous said...

y cant they show the gewdbye boys in da cinema..wuts wrong..saw the music video n its freakin gewd..

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