Friday, 28 September 2007

all good things comes to an end

all good things comes to an end.

at the beginning of the production. the first draft of scripts had a suggestive season 3.
but while season two was at the process of production all things changed.
there were many reasons to end it here.
yes, this is our last season. fin. no more season 3.

SO don't FORGET to catch the last...
this coming Sunday (30.09.07) at 10.00pm, only on 8TV.

it's not that we are running out of stories. but i guess all good things just have to come to an end.

of cuz being in this production was one of the best thing that happened to any of our lifes.
we were like family. 3 years.

with keong running around like a kid.

yee i-lann setting the colour schemes, rooms etc from the movie onwards.

and with season 2 gwo yunn giving new colors to the characters.

with susan and her endless hair extension for Mia.

where Bernard would say "One take Wonder!!!" and "We'll make it work" whenever there's a wardrobe malfunction.

where Joanna would yell "TIME CHECK!!!"... and now "NO BUDGET"

where Peng will make us our "leong char" during the movie

where Enid will say "NO" to my splurge on food

where Abang Zol will say "PUTUS" on audio

where Angie will just give me the... "i don't care" look...

where Lina will say "OK" to almost all my horror demands... LOL!!!

gosh too many memories...

the entire team of Gol & Gincu wishes to THANK YOU!
without you, we wouldn't been around. not one year but 3 years.


we hope we changed the filming industry. the television standards.

we hope we have inspired you.

we hope we made some differences in your life.

we'll definately miss you guys.
cuz you have inspired and made a differences in our lives.

tho we hope to see you in our other up coming projects.

talking about new projects...
behold KAMI. the new series also produced by Red Communication.
every Wednesday on 8tv... i don't know the time... OPS.
where Nurul takes charge as the Head of Wardrobe.

and where i'll embark on my new journey in Hong Kong.

... and of cuz to all my anak tiris... BLIEKS! I'll see you when i see you... biacthes... LOLs...

gosh i just felt like crying while writing this down...

we hope you had as much fun as we did.

lots and lots of love from the entire team of gol & gincu

once again... THANK YOUsss!

if we have made anyone offended or pissed off during the making off... and production moments... and post production... we apologize... OPS!!! we are human after all... HAHAHA.

OPS... also major THANK YOUS to all the WARDROBE and FURNITURE SPONSORS... and HANDPHONES... and CASH sponsors... THANK YOUS!!! without money and products... i think we have only blank walls... HAHAHAHA...

cheers and good bye
with love,

pictures are placed at random orders. and most pictures were taken on the thrid and second last day of shoot. i wasn't able to make it on the actual last day as i was on the plan to hong kong la... haihz... sooooo sad...

And to those who actually watch Impian Illyana... Michelle and I also THANK YOUS!!! LOLs... (steal a bit of lime light here... hehe)

p/s arnida... and the two new winners for the tshirt... the kicap there refers to kacip fatimah... a drink that miss putri indulges on set... it's a long funny story between me and her... it's not a typo... so just laugh la whenever you see it. HEHE.

... dang this season i have no moving pictures... i blame the stupid lousy nikon camera that i bought in a rush at singapore... never never never again... i shall now... buy a sony... cis cis cis!!!

bye y'alls!!!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

winner winners...

yes, i sure did take my time in posting this post.
i know.
well SORRY~la.

Berlin was a fun adventure for me. i was asked to model and then there's trouble with the brand's collection, shipment only arrived 2 days before our fashion show so was a little erm... tense. then when everything was done... the internet... the free neighbour internet access was suddenly no longer free... HAIYA!

(i guess he realised why his connection is sooooo slow suddenly... HAHA)

well you don't get to see me do the runway cuz it's impossible to snap the picture and walk on the runway. and i was too ego to ask for the pictures. HAHA.


CONGRATS to ENDY and SULIANA do email me at, you both have won the contest.
i'm being generous and will throw in one personal tshirt collection of mine.
(one of you are super lucky since i'm moving and i don't have space to keep anymore memorabilia!)

(next post which will be out as soon as i can compose all the pictures i have left... will be the official last post of this blog...)

Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Last TShirt's Questions...

omg. i can't believe it, i missed another episode!!! went to have a wrap party dinner with Team Impian Illyana and time just past by like mad. i didn't even noticed it until Lina Tan said it's time to go back to catch G&G and the time was already 10.30!!! gosh. anyways... because of that... i have decided to change the last tshirt round a little bit...

i know many of you do read this blog but don't comment. very well. it's ok. i don't go commenting on other people's blog too even tho i read them. BLIEK!

ok ok... so now i'll give you the questions to the last tshirt but don't answer yet, i only want the first all correct answers send in the comment box by the 17/09 after 1pm...

there's a total of 6 questions only and 1 for mysake question...

you'll have to...

1) name me 15 casts in this season. full name with the character's name (character's name no need full la).
2) tell me sazzy, mia, putri's favorite color.
3) there's one sports brand that sponsors this series. can you identify it? OBVIOUSLY you can! haha.
4) name me all the directors for this season (the episodes from now onwards is from the main director la...)
5) name me the executive producer of Gol & Gincu the series, only one is required.
6) tell me all the first screening of Gol & Gincu from the movie's premier date to the series.

and for the fun of it...

7) tell me why you should win this tshirt...

REMEMBER don't tell me now. just COMMENT the answer by the 17/09 after 1pm ONLY. First Comment with the right answersss... WINS the tshirt. see i'm being nice to those who sneak time out from work to get a chance of winning the tshirt. you can start hunting down for the answers...

have a great week ahead y'all.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

script turns reality

hey y'all,

sorry for not posting earlier. got back, rushed for a camp, came back and felt sick. i'm still having fever and all, none-the-less life goes on right.

i've basically missed 4 episodes. and no just because we film it and i worked at red communications doesn't mean i get to see it before hand. i don't. the first air time is my first chance of seeing it too like everyone else (except maybe the editors, producers and directors, they probably saw it for more than 20 times de). anyways so like i said i missed 4 epsidoes and it's been close to 3 weeks that we wrapped (it feels sooooo long ago!!!).

ok ok i'm mumbling crap.

the point is... i am LATE in posting this... probably. haha.
(i know i'm going to get sounding after this post is up...)

please see the video. if not here then in YOUTUBE la.

a little facts about last season... one of the reason why we didn't kill ayu last season, was... when most of the scripts was written, some of the plots came into a reality or was a reality to the cast in actual life. so we didn't want anything bad happening to any of the cast.
e.g... J had those childhood marriage plan from her parents... Fasha has it in reality... same case senario... the script writers don't know about it before hand. they wrote it and when the cast read the script that's when they said "OMG". no joke. there's plenty more but i'll leave that to your imagination. BUT NO Pierre Andre has no AIDS. touch wood.

and as you can see in this video... shasha almost... ALMOST got knocked by the car. and no we didn't plan for that car to come, it wasn't the "stunt car" (if we ever had one...) that was a passer by's car... and like i said... ALMOST knocked her... damn freaky...

if she did... she would have looked like this.

but this pesakit a bit weird one. can still laugh.
for real. LOLs.

initially the post wasn't suppose to be like this... i planned to make it really horror... but well... since i'm late in posting it... i might as well just post it la. keke.

until the next coming post... where it should be... by right the tshirt post... see yaz. =)

(to that somebody who also reads this blog once in a while... yes yes so i show too much of her. i know! oh shut up... i'll show some of the rest of you also la! cheezz... haha)

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

rushing here rushing there...

SORRY peps, been busy running around clearing stuffs etc.

on the 06/08 marked my last day on set. ;o)
so this past few days i've been clearing all the stuffs
passing down the garments to the in-house crew to handle etc

so a bit gila la my schedule
then i malas to move, just stay still on set
and i've to teach catwalk tomorrow... OMG!

anyways just a quick flaunt-flaunt moment before i fly off...
(yes i will try to update when i'm there but hard to say, impian illyana's team has been complaining so much that there's no tshirts for them, so now i've to design one from what michelle has already made... FYI michelle is my assistant on the impian illyana's set... anyways i'm like rushing that out as well when i'm at HK)

we were actually at some big shot's house shooting this scene... hehe.

i don't care what people say about adibah noor, i just like her. i truly think she's one larger-than-life amazingly talented woman!

and boy did we have fun having her on set... i mean like... so far... none of the group picture we took was with a guest artist...
(oh boy~ yang lain guest artist kalau tersempak blog in and terbaca in... jangan terasa ya... you know we hearts you too)
she just had such fun energy on set.

mad evening walk

harris hue otherwise known as keong who is the D.O.P (director of photography) of gol & gincu made a horrible suggestion that everyone was required to go for a evening stroll on one of the days when we had to wait for a set up... so we all did after being paksa by bernard as well and being a super camwhore crew... we couldn't hesitate to SNAP a group picture. ;o)

gosh i have not packed a single thing for my trip yet!
BYE y'all... until next next week la!


Ezza Erisa: Heh. We are glad that we can still manage to entertain the fans!

One: HEYAZ!!! Well you can watch it via youtube... just search from the site there la.

Mazura: It's good to be back. Heh. What juicy stuffs are you expecting??? LOLs.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

random 'o' random

often time, on my off days, or whenever i'm free... i stare at this blog, wondering what to write, what to update.

there's lots to say of cuz, but too much bloopers will ruin everything.

and i definately don't want that to happen.

then there's no point for us to even shoot this series.


i've basically 4 more shooting days with the team.
i leave the production officially this coming 06/08/07.

we'll officially wrap the entire series on the 10/08/07.
where i'll touch down in hong kong simultaneously when that happens.

this is my first production i don't get to yell/hear the word WRAP.

but then again i'm in hong kong. HAHA.

i'll be back to update this blog la.

just have some photo shoots to do there. so i have to like GO... HAHA.

here are just some random pictures of the production...

scripts... and the story board... oh mr woo min jin...

yes. we're wearing it... we flaunt it! LOLs

... (speechless...) oh our tshirt... LOLs

... Ms. P.A. getting a make over from Tebby...

Ms. P.A. a.k.a. the Birthday Girl (28/07)

One of the Episodes... Razif feeding the lines...

Oh dear... Abang Zol became so IMFAMOUS with Datin Aina's car... OPS!

Miss Shasha...

hmm... yes i know i lack of pictures and juicy stories this season...
i am busy sleeping working on set you know and my new camera is hopeless! i swear!

enjoy the 4th episode tonight. ;o)

cheers y'all.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

tee shirt tee shirt tee shirt

... I honestly think that 'NIK A' is not a real person... dah semingu I've been waiting for his/her email... nothing... by the 4th Episode... if I don't see it... the tshirt goes to the 1st RUNNER up... YAYs!!!

I know that the 1st RUNNER up will be dead happy... already suggested I pass it to him/her de...

Anyways... here's the tshirt... it just arrived today... LOLs...

everyone on set is like fighting for it... URGHS! and Impian Illyana is like screaming at me why I didn't make one for them...
*OH I feel a little bad... just a little...*
*btw... I style this season 3 for Impian Illyana le... but Michelle is the one doing all the work now*

dah la... I'm tired... not that people read this anyways... sahaje nak tengok gambar je ma...


Monday, 23 July 2007



I was driving to KLCC to return items and loan new stuffs from Miss Sixty and ENERGIE when I stumble upon this big huge thing at Federal Highway...

Sorry la Picture is so the BLUR... not familar with the new camera phone...

Thank God ther was traffic... and well it was raining... (but I SWEAR they all slowed down to see this NICE PICTURE! cuz after the billboard traffic was like normal!!!)

Like finally FEDERAL now has a good picture to look at... LOLs!!!

Check it out if you drive pass there, it's on the way to KL... kekekeke... WOOTS! FINALLY... LOLs

WINNER is... NIK A!!!

YOZ... We have a WINNER de...

NIK ADAM (Nik A), do send me your details to

evidence... dun say i simple pick ok! Nik A's email came in at 1231... and all correct... that make Nik A this first round's winner!!! YAYS!!! CONGRATS!

Sorry Effendy O, Nik A beat you 3 hours ahead... yiks...

cheers ya'll

Sunday, 22 July 2007


You HEARTS Gol & Gincu?

If you DO... and really WATCH it. LIKE PAY ATTENTION... then YOU DESERVEsss it.

(ok so i'm just being a diva here... of cuz many of you HEARTS us!)
... and YES so many questions... well 6 was the minimum la!

FIRST person to get a 100%, you'll be required to email me your addy!


have FUNS! and don't hate me!

some questions are based on Episode 3 ya... ;o)

... WOOw... I just played with it... and it's like... SO FUNZ! be... very very careful when you hit SEND kay... like ONCE hit... WOOTS! LOLs

Create your own Friend Test here

p/s... amazingly yesterday Ling speaks fluent canto... last season she say she dun know wor... HEH... well that's LING's amazing ability, being able to learn a new language in a year... LOL...

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Flour, Eggs and everything nice... EVIL

last week was Reza's (pierre) last shooting day.

to be exact it was the 10/08/07
(if anyone buy toto... and win... I WANT MY SHARE!)

being the ever busy actor plus director plus script writer... we all had to accomodate his mad schedule.
(he has a new movie schedule to release this coming September... i think... LOLs)
(he's soooo dedicated with his work. like SERIOUSLY. so support him ya!)

thus some of the crews... we... were like... so... ermmm too nice...

we they wanted revenge...

yea well... we they are such nice people...

who ask him to be so busy!

well no la... it's for fun...

what am i talking about???

last week after the last scene we were suddenly asked to gather outside of sportsplanet... 4am in the bloody morning... i was busy munching my supper... then Enid... the P.A. (production assistant) was telling me to stop eating... i was like... HUH? fine. whatever. but a little HMMM attitude... i was thinking... OHHHH got better food ah? LOLs...

haihz... mana~la tau...

SAKSI~kan la...

the very innocent victims... they had no idea what was installed for them...

the culprit... WAN... see that GREEN BULAT guy... he's holding the ultimate disgusting toy ever! FLOUR!

the second the flour hit them... screams were heard... everyone else (the crews) had flour! and i was like... OMG MY CLOTHES!!!

no wonder i wasn't informed... they know i would have screamed even before they could PLAY this game!

so they ran here and there... the entire sportsplanet... chasing pierre, fazura, sazzy, celina, rafidah, ah toi, zarina, etc etc etc... i didn't count cuz i was busy running away from the crews!!!
(ah and to think we are making them a thank you t-shirt!... i better make them a thank you t-SHIT now!)

see... flour everywhere... and i heard someone had EGGS!!! i was like... OMG... i'm going to kill him/her!

THANK GOD Faz & Myself was FAST!!! we are like soooo CLEAN!

oh the mangsa... my poor clothes!!!

... well serves them right... they have to really CLEAN UP! i just ran home to sleep... HAHAHAHAHA... how united i am... with my fellow working mates... LOLs...
(WHAT I HAD TO CLEAN CLOTHES CAN!, BESOK SCENE GOT CONTI AH!... they are so getting t-shit now...)

... this season we did a lot of weird things on set... like yesterday... we went for a brisk walk... SUDDENLY! itu Harris Hue la! cari pasal with us! suddenly suggested to go exercise since we had nothing to do cuz we were waiting for the next scene to be ready!

i was so busy sleeping on putri's bed reading scripts on putri's bed... so bernard said "OH GOOD IDEA..." then we all went for a walk...

HAIHZ... the things we do for you...


OH... do remember to tune into Ep3... cuz after that... well not right after that... but as soon as i can hit the button... the questions to the 1st TSHIRT will appear... and you HAVE to look out for names... one of them is the new stylist who replaced me... LOL... and other NAMES... like lots of NAMES!!! LOLs...

(oh i shall bitch flaunt a little... i heard my poor kids had to find their own clothes... ah no wonder it looks good on most scenes... HAHAHAHA)

happy day ya'll!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sing Song episode 1 season 2

daniel: mmm... MMM... apparently... not many people are keen with the T-Shirt it seems...

bee-yootch: why do you say that?

daniel: it seems that way... no feed back also! only one girl le! might as well just give her!
(i know she'll be like SOOOO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT!)

bee-yootch: great! less man more share!

daniel: yea i think so too! maybe less cost... and more for the crews...

bee-yootch: superb! then just stick it to that! no need to give it out to the fans!!!

daniel: i am seriously considering too!!!

yea. so like whatever.

Anyways the songs for Episode 1 Season 2

The theme song
Generasiku by Radhi

End credit song
Teruja by Ella

Featured songs

Get Happy by Farra Asyikin
Love by Gerhana Ska Cinta
Andaila Tahu by Vince feat VE
Destiny's Calling and Walking Again Both by Juwita

Enjoy tonight's episode la~

Friday, 13 July 2007

Episode Two



I don't know what to write... I mean there's loads to talk about... BUT... I don't remember much... HAHAHA. Wari Wari!!!


So I shall skip episode Two as well la... HAHAHAHA... well since I didn't blog about episode One anyways...

and i'll probably do the same thing for the other episodes...

Tho tho tho...

those lucky lucky lucky readers...

I've news for YOU. YES. Just for YOU!

I'm doing a GAME Contest here on this BLOG...

If you answer the Question correctly... Or rather the first person who answers it correctly... YOU GET A PRESSIE...

SO the VERY limited le... LOLs

What's this pressie?

It's that special project that I was busy working on the last few weeks!


Gol & Gincu's Official Thank YOU T-Shirt.



The head of departments and main cast made this for the crews... Basically a THANK YOU note to the crews for all their had work and enduring moments with us...

It's entirely made by the cast and crew. Personalized. There's our favourite tag line... Like mine is... WHATEVER. I say that a lot on set... Bernard's like One Take Wonder. etc etc... So it's like... SOOOOOO exclusive. LOL.

And I made some extra sets to give away. FOR YOU! MUACKS!


The girls drawing their cartoon figures...

(so menyesal didn't snap the guys drawing!)

So all you have to do is... Look out for the QUESTION post. There's only 2. For now... That's how many I think I can spare for the blog... As I'm passing some to Razif to give it out on Quickie. So... LOOK OUT FOR IT... LOLs...

Once the sample is out... I'll soooo FLAUNT IT... LOLs...


la la la la la...

that's all for Episode 2... LOL...
Have fun watching this episode tomorrow... I'm going to prepare myself for tonight's Bon Odori now... WA KAKAKAKA...

(stylist gone nuts)

Monday, 9 July 2007

Press Conference

It's now 2.30am. We just finished one of the season's most HUGE set up scene... like it required us making and folding lots of paper thingy that you'll see in one of the episodes... it involves FOLDING PAPERS ok... SO look out for it... them...

Anyways as it's no fun showing what we do/done on set so soon (cuz I don't want to reveal too MUCH!), I've decided to show off the press conference thingy instead (cuz that's the only thing I can show at the moment... HAHAHA)... but not much la... I was busy drinking and day dreaming on the press conference day (like I'm not the focus WHAT! so I can SLEEP~la!)... and I'm like dead tired now. Got sooo much more scenes to do tomorrow later today...
and a HORRIBLE email I've to reply to one of the EP... SHE ASKED ME LAME QUESTIONS!!!

The press conferences happened sometime last month? Maybe it was this month... Well I don't remember... time is like... soooo messed up for me right now... anyhow it was at Poppy. I think. HAHA. SORRY~la damn sleepy can! Erm... that's all I can remember. HAHA.
Was sooo fast~loh, everything happend like POOP. POP. POOPP. DONE... YAY!

Ok la... was a quick intro of the series to the press memebers (well some people still don't know us... and some are like new in media~ma) then the cast members... they then came out one by one... and yada yada... the rest is history... I told you nothing happened! So boring~kan this story...

So I'll just show pictures le! LOLs
OH OH OH... the beautiful DRESSES were by all by Melinda Looi and the Gents attire were all by GAP... and Fasha as well... and Accessories by Shinju Pearls...
(Ash bought his bajus after that... kekeke)

We have an album y'all... grab it before everyone else does!!!

SO cutes!!! Then to my horror... the dolls... have... such a horrid poky thing at their @r$e to support them... OPS!

Awww... So we just CUT the beautiful cake just like that... and well I was sooooo skeptical about the taste being VERY VERY SWEET... but it was a DANG fine cake! SO YUMMIE... LOLs.

.. I swear he's smilling even tho his @r$e has a poky thingy... LOLs

Mell was very attached to this doll... asked... erm Fahmi I think to jaga it while she go take picture with someone... then Mee Fung came accidentally broke the legs... WE were like OMG! Thinking that Mell would scream... instead she ate the entire leg smiling!

The infamous Nizam... doing his thing... getting news for Ayu... GOSH... PIAKS! heh...

This is the closest I can get without anyone else in the pic...!

OKies... I know it's nothing AMAZING... but... I BLOGed! HAHA. NIGHTS!
Hope you enjoyed the first episode.
Cheers MUACKS!

P/S: OHHHhhh... we are doing a really really cute little project... SOOOO near to completing it... just waiting for Miss FAZURA the SLOW to finish hers... Tsk Tsk...

P/S: THANK YOU THANK YOU for reading... if you didn't comment I would really be wondering... WHY AM I SPENDING PRECIOUS TIME DOING THIS AND NOT SLEEPING! already everyday only apx 4 hours sleep... faints.

P/S: a quick reply to DY... like OMG... Anya is like a BIG thing kay! LIKE people queued like MAD to get that cheap bag... LIKE... SERIOUSLY! HAHAHA. (to the other comments... I've no time today to reply. BLIEK... HAHA)

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