Friday, 28 September 2007

all good things comes to an end

all good things comes to an end.

at the beginning of the production. the first draft of scripts had a suggestive season 3.
but while season two was at the process of production all things changed.
there were many reasons to end it here.
yes, this is our last season. fin. no more season 3.

SO don't FORGET to catch the last...
this coming Sunday (30.09.07) at 10.00pm, only on 8TV.

it's not that we are running out of stories. but i guess all good things just have to come to an end.

of cuz being in this production was one of the best thing that happened to any of our lifes.
we were like family. 3 years.

with keong running around like a kid.

yee i-lann setting the colour schemes, rooms etc from the movie onwards.

and with season 2 gwo yunn giving new colors to the characters.

with susan and her endless hair extension for Mia.

where Bernard would say "One take Wonder!!!" and "We'll make it work" whenever there's a wardrobe malfunction.

where Joanna would yell "TIME CHECK!!!"... and now "NO BUDGET"

where Peng will make us our "leong char" during the movie

where Enid will say "NO" to my splurge on food

where Abang Zol will say "PUTUS" on audio

where Angie will just give me the... "i don't care" look...

where Lina will say "OK" to almost all my horror demands... LOL!!!

gosh too many memories...

the entire team of Gol & Gincu wishes to THANK YOU!
without you, we wouldn't been around. not one year but 3 years.


we hope we changed the filming industry. the television standards.

we hope we have inspired you.

we hope we made some differences in your life.

we'll definately miss you guys.
cuz you have inspired and made a differences in our lives.

tho we hope to see you in our other up coming projects.

talking about new projects...
behold KAMI. the new series also produced by Red Communication.
every Wednesday on 8tv... i don't know the time... OPS.
where Nurul takes charge as the Head of Wardrobe.

and where i'll embark on my new journey in Hong Kong.

... and of cuz to all my anak tiris... BLIEKS! I'll see you when i see you... biacthes... LOLs...

gosh i just felt like crying while writing this down...

we hope you had as much fun as we did.

lots and lots of love from the entire team of gol & gincu

once again... THANK YOUsss!

if we have made anyone offended or pissed off during the making off... and production moments... and post production... we apologize... OPS!!! we are human after all... HAHAHA.

OPS... also major THANK YOUS to all the WARDROBE and FURNITURE SPONSORS... and HANDPHONES... and CASH sponsors... THANK YOUS!!! without money and products... i think we have only blank walls... HAHAHAHA...

cheers and good bye
with love,

pictures are placed at random orders. and most pictures were taken on the thrid and second last day of shoot. i wasn't able to make it on the actual last day as i was on the plan to hong kong la... haihz... sooooo sad...

And to those who actually watch Impian Illyana... Michelle and I also THANK YOUS!!! LOLs... (steal a bit of lime light here... hehe)

p/s arnida... and the two new winners for the tshirt... the kicap there refers to kacip fatimah... a drink that miss putri indulges on set... it's a long funny story between me and her... it's not a typo... so just laugh la whenever you see it. HEHE.

... dang this season i have no moving pictures... i blame the stupid lousy nikon camera that i bought in a rush at singapore... never never never again... i shall now... buy a sony... cis cis cis!!!

bye y'alls!!!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

winner winners...

yes, i sure did take my time in posting this post.
i know.
well SORRY~la.

Berlin was a fun adventure for me. i was asked to model and then there's trouble with the brand's collection, shipment only arrived 2 days before our fashion show so was a little erm... tense. then when everything was done... the internet... the free neighbour internet access was suddenly no longer free... HAIYA!

(i guess he realised why his connection is sooooo slow suddenly... HAHA)

well you don't get to see me do the runway cuz it's impossible to snap the picture and walk on the runway. and i was too ego to ask for the pictures. HAHA.


CONGRATS to ENDY and SULIANA do email me at, you both have won the contest.
i'm being generous and will throw in one personal tshirt collection of mine.
(one of you are super lucky since i'm moving and i don't have space to keep anymore memorabilia!)

(next post which will be out as soon as i can compose all the pictures i have left... will be the official last post of this blog...)

Sunday, 9 September 2007

The Last TShirt's Questions...

omg. i can't believe it, i missed another episode!!! went to have a wrap party dinner with Team Impian Illyana and time just past by like mad. i didn't even noticed it until Lina Tan said it's time to go back to catch G&G and the time was already 10.30!!! gosh. anyways... because of that... i have decided to change the last tshirt round a little bit...

i know many of you do read this blog but don't comment. very well. it's ok. i don't go commenting on other people's blog too even tho i read them. BLIEK!

ok ok... so now i'll give you the questions to the last tshirt but don't answer yet, i only want the first all correct answers send in the comment box by the 17/09 after 1pm...

there's a total of 6 questions only and 1 for mysake question...

you'll have to...

1) name me 15 casts in this season. full name with the character's name (character's name no need full la).
2) tell me sazzy, mia, putri's favorite color.
3) there's one sports brand that sponsors this series. can you identify it? OBVIOUSLY you can! haha.
4) name me all the directors for this season (the episodes from now onwards is from the main director la...)
5) name me the executive producer of Gol & Gincu the series, only one is required.
6) tell me all the first screening of Gol & Gincu from the movie's premier date to the series.

and for the fun of it...

7) tell me why you should win this tshirt...

REMEMBER don't tell me now. just COMMENT the answer by the 17/09 after 1pm ONLY. First Comment with the right answersss... WINS the tshirt. see i'm being nice to those who sneak time out from work to get a chance of winning the tshirt. you can start hunting down for the answers...

have a great week ahead y'all.

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