Wednesday, 8 August 2007

rushing here rushing there...

SORRY peps, been busy running around clearing stuffs etc.

on the 06/08 marked my last day on set. ;o)
so this past few days i've been clearing all the stuffs
passing down the garments to the in-house crew to handle etc

so a bit gila la my schedule
then i malas to move, just stay still on set
and i've to teach catwalk tomorrow... OMG!

anyways just a quick flaunt-flaunt moment before i fly off...
(yes i will try to update when i'm there but hard to say, impian illyana's team has been complaining so much that there's no tshirts for them, so now i've to design one from what michelle has already made... FYI michelle is my assistant on the impian illyana's set... anyways i'm like rushing that out as well when i'm at HK)

we were actually at some big shot's house shooting this scene... hehe.

i don't care what people say about adibah noor, i just like her. i truly think she's one larger-than-life amazingly talented woman!

and boy did we have fun having her on set... i mean like... so far... none of the group picture we took was with a guest artist...
(oh boy~ yang lain guest artist kalau tersempak blog in and terbaca in... jangan terasa ya... you know we hearts you too)
she just had such fun energy on set.

mad evening walk

harris hue otherwise known as keong who is the D.O.P (director of photography) of gol & gincu made a horrible suggestion that everyone was required to go for a evening stroll on one of the days when we had to wait for a set up... so we all did after being paksa by bernard as well and being a super camwhore crew... we couldn't hesitate to SNAP a group picture. ;o)

gosh i have not packed a single thing for my trip yet!
BYE y'all... until next next week la!


Ezza Erisa: Heh. We are glad that we can still manage to entertain the fans!

One: HEYAZ!!! Well you can watch it via youtube... just search from the site there la.

Mazura: It's good to be back. Heh. What juicy stuffs are you expecting??? LOLs.


kaYren said...

hi daniel,
thanks for the tshirt. i got it today...thanks a lot!!!

cAtHeRiNe_NuTzzz said...

is the shirt nice??...hehe juz wondering..isn't the 2nd question supose to be out this wek??...or nx wek?

gypsy-on-the-move said...

i didn't get to catch this season coz i'm living in campus. is there anyway i could catch it on the internet?

®[-..::IêJa ÇÜtE::..-]® said...

gypsy, u can watch it thru just search for the 'gol gincu' terms n voila! :)

-M- said...

i want Fazura's shoes from last nite helpppppppppppppppppp.. Gorgeousnyeeeeeeeeee...*drooling*

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