Sunday, 29 July 2007

random 'o' random

often time, on my off days, or whenever i'm free... i stare at this blog, wondering what to write, what to update.

there's lots to say of cuz, but too much bloopers will ruin everything.

and i definately don't want that to happen.

then there's no point for us to even shoot this series.


i've basically 4 more shooting days with the team.
i leave the production officially this coming 06/08/07.

we'll officially wrap the entire series on the 10/08/07.
where i'll touch down in hong kong simultaneously when that happens.

this is my first production i don't get to yell/hear the word WRAP.

but then again i'm in hong kong. HAHA.

i'll be back to update this blog la.

just have some photo shoots to do there. so i have to like GO... HAHA.

here are just some random pictures of the production...

scripts... and the story board... oh mr woo min jin...

yes. we're wearing it... we flaunt it! LOLs

... (speechless...) oh our tshirt... LOLs

... Ms. P.A. getting a make over from Tebby...

Ms. P.A. a.k.a. the Birthday Girl (28/07)

One of the Episodes... Razif feeding the lines...

Oh dear... Abang Zol became so IMFAMOUS with Datin Aina's car... OPS!

Miss Shasha...

hmm... yes i know i lack of pictures and juicy stories this season...
i am busy sleeping working on set you know and my new camera is hopeless! i swear!

enjoy the 4th episode tonight. ;o)

cheers y'all.


Asfarina said...

Hey Daniel !

Wanna ask you bout the cap that sazzy's wearing last nite episode, 'Ke Penghujung Jalan', what brand is it? O'Reef ? kinda like it la. cantik !! =D

ezza erisa said...

Gol and Gincu Fan was here.....;)

i wrote about gol and gincu from my perspective as a viewer in my blog (but it is in Malay)...

Endy said...

i've already emailed you..ohhh true i am deadly happy..haha..Thanx to Nik A for not sending u any email..haha
so..yay!!!!i am getting the Tee!!!yeah2 yeah..u made my day...

gRaCe said...

Daniel dear...

How long will u be in HK? I'm soooo gonna miss you la..=( remember to update when u have time ya...*hugs*

Gol & Gincu said...

asfarina: it's sazzy's own cap i think, i wasn't doing that episode. I left the production that time le.

ezza erisa: wa... i read it... sooo... bee chee wow... HAHAHA. all i can say for now is... erm... STAY TUNE WATCH TILL THE END... HEHE.

endy: ??? Nik A sent the email days ago de la! too bads. I swear I will email you the proof instead! HAHAHA. wait till episode 7 la. HAHAHA.

Grace: Will be there for 2 weeks. But will most probably be based in Hong Kong this year end.

ezza erisa said...

hehee will wait..gol and gincu do make my sunday night better!

;) go G&G... :D

wahwo said...

ahh!! finally this blog is up & running again
hie there Daniel, it's me One.
missed out 1st epi of tis season..boohoo
we (me & my kids) r enjoying the new season..keep it up..
juz luv & adore shasha & haikal.

Mazura said...

Its been a while and Finally!
Yes! GnG is back! you are also back!..
So more juicy stuff kay.. Bring it on!

erina_z said...

Anymore competitions to win the tshirt? *grin grin*

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