Sunday, 1 July 2007

Episode Zero

Gosh. It's been a pretty hectic month. We are behind schedule. *as usual* So all of us, including the cast, crew, post production team are like trying to finish our shoots and edits before the due date... Thus we have been working round the clock. Sometimes even shooting for more than 13 hours. A quick nap, back to another 7 hours shoots...

It's just been crazy.

None-the-less... we are finally OFFICIALLY... back.

So the TMO was our episode Zero and this coming Sunday is like the first episode. So STAY TUNE kay! We are only counting on the fans to even finish what we started! LIKE SO SERIOUSLY! Evertime we break down we think about OMG our fans are like hoping for a second season... WE MUST MAKE IT WORK! *gosh you know we hearts you as much as you hearts us*

Oh btw someone called the office the other day and I happened to be there, so I answered it, and it was some fan living in Setapak keen in getting the box set... mmm... I think... Unfortch... It's SOLD OUT. kekekekeke... but I heard that it's still selling in Singapore tho...

... sorry have like no time or energy to put pictures here. infact i started writting this post on saturday... and yiks until now i've not posted it. tsk tsk.

but do stay tune cuz once the production ends... i'll then slowly post the BTS pictures... soooo EXCITING! and well i'm also slowly changing the template... well SOMEONE said will help but also TOO BUSY with other projects la... sighs sighs... we are such busy people... HEHE.



erin said...

hye~~ i had been your silent reader for quite some times now..and i am s0oo happy and thrilled that g&g is coming back with season 2!!and i saw the making and seriously!!i can't wait till this sunday!!i'm a big fan of fazura and sazzy!!they are s0oo cool and adorable~~!!! creds to u!!keep up the good work!!and don't forget to keep me updated with your blog =D toodles~~! may God bless y'all =)

gRaCe said...

i absolutely love the start of Season 2. It's sooooo drama! I can't wait till next sunday!!

dy said...

i can't even begin to tell how EXCITED i am about the second season! sazzy's new hairdo is cute!

hey daniel! :) hope ur doing well despite that ginormous workload of yours and the crew.

so like, is anya hindmarch huge in Malaysia currently? are "i'm not just a plastic bag" bags out yet? sorry for sounding stupid (and the OTT), just got back to the country :)

Gol & Gincu said...

Ok... so I DO have some TIME to reply... LOLs...

Erin: Thanks! Will do my best to entertain you. ;o)

Grace: MMmmm I personally felt it could have been much better. Heh.

DY: I'm dead tired le. Read the blog~la on AH. LOL.


gRaCe said...

Who am i to complain..i'm sure the crew and everyone else did a darn good job on it..heheh...;o)

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