Monday, 9 July 2007

Press Conference

It's now 2.30am. We just finished one of the season's most HUGE set up scene... like it required us making and folding lots of paper thingy that you'll see in one of the episodes... it involves FOLDING PAPERS ok... SO look out for it... them...

Anyways as it's no fun showing what we do/done on set so soon (cuz I don't want to reveal too MUCH!), I've decided to show off the press conference thingy instead (cuz that's the only thing I can show at the moment... HAHAHA)... but not much la... I was busy drinking and day dreaming on the press conference day (like I'm not the focus WHAT! so I can SLEEP~la!)... and I'm like dead tired now. Got sooo much more scenes to do tomorrow later today...
and a HORRIBLE email I've to reply to one of the EP... SHE ASKED ME LAME QUESTIONS!!!

The press conferences happened sometime last month? Maybe it was this month... Well I don't remember... time is like... soooo messed up for me right now... anyhow it was at Poppy. I think. HAHA. SORRY~la damn sleepy can! Erm... that's all I can remember. HAHA.
Was sooo fast~loh, everything happend like POOP. POP. POOPP. DONE... YAY!

Ok la... was a quick intro of the series to the press memebers (well some people still don't know us... and some are like new in media~ma) then the cast members... they then came out one by one... and yada yada... the rest is history... I told you nothing happened! So boring~kan this story...

So I'll just show pictures le! LOLs
OH OH OH... the beautiful DRESSES were by all by Melinda Looi and the Gents attire were all by GAP... and Fasha as well... and Accessories by Shinju Pearls...
(Ash bought his bajus after that... kekeke)

We have an album y'all... grab it before everyone else does!!!

SO cutes!!! Then to my horror... the dolls... have... such a horrid poky thing at their @r$e to support them... OPS!

Awww... So we just CUT the beautiful cake just like that... and well I was sooooo skeptical about the taste being VERY VERY SWEET... but it was a DANG fine cake! SO YUMMIE... LOLs.

.. I swear he's smilling even tho his @r$e has a poky thingy... LOLs

Mell was very attached to this doll... asked... erm Fahmi I think to jaga it while she go take picture with someone... then Mee Fung came accidentally broke the legs... WE were like OMG! Thinking that Mell would scream... instead she ate the entire leg smiling!

The infamous Nizam... doing his thing... getting news for Ayu... GOSH... PIAKS! heh...

This is the closest I can get without anyone else in the pic...!

OKies... I know it's nothing AMAZING... but... I BLOGed! HAHA. NIGHTS!
Hope you enjoyed the first episode.
Cheers MUACKS!

P/S: OHHHhhh... we are doing a really really cute little project... SOOOO near to completing it... just waiting for Miss FAZURA the SLOW to finish hers... Tsk Tsk...

P/S: THANK YOU THANK YOU for reading... if you didn't comment I would really be wondering... WHY AM I SPENDING PRECIOUS TIME DOING THIS AND NOT SLEEPING! already everyday only apx 4 hours sleep... faints.

P/S: a quick reply to DY... like OMG... Anya is like a BIG thing kay! LIKE people queued like MAD to get that cheap bag... LIKE... SERIOUSLY! HAHAHA. (to the other comments... I've no time today to reply. BLIEK... HAHA)


Zashreena said...

i soooo like the cake ok. *snap*

Cheesy Nachos said...

imm sooo glad that gnG is it soo much !!

i got the dvd box for the 1st season..i hope they will hav it 4 d 2nd season too! Lurv 4rm Bru =)

erin said...

wow!!u guys even have album??!! coolness!!first episode was dang! the 'ayu' character definitely NAILED le.coz i hate her like mad..but in real life,she's a good actress.thumbs up! ;) oh creds to all!!good job! <33

Jeanie said...

m so glad that g&g 2 is back... it's like the only local production i watch... haha.. u rock guys!
p.s cute cake! =)

gRaCe said...

Oooh..i love the cake!! It's so darn cute! Where did y'all get it from..Just HEavenly or sumthin? *the name jst popped up..hehe..*

You must be darn tired! Go rest! Go rest! Sleep whenever u have the chance. That's wht i do. LoLzz..! We'll always be waiting for updates from matter how long. So, no worries 1st. =D

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