Wednesday, 16 August 2006

camera. rolling. ACTION. ops. NG.

i gotten the verbal approval to show you the censored scenes from the jail scene... say THANK YOU. ;o)
it's about 16 minutes *imagine how long it took me to download it here*,
well plus other inserted scenes la. and yet this is not the full censored clip. theres' more... yiks...
anyways... i present to you... g&g the raw cut. *it will take some time to load, be patient like me when i uploaded it*

this is actually the edit copy created for all the police scenes. was send for approval. then some was censored as you would know. LOL. but i guess... not any more... LOL...

alia: my producer needs more time to think about season2. *but i heard that 8tv already requested that we make it* haha. THANKS!
Pujangga Malam: i tak tau la. but if they do... *thou i highly doubt it* i'll inform you guys here. like... i'll SCREAM.
Liyana: OK! i'll do. *gosh he does have so many fans huh*
CaZa: THANKS. for congrats for what huh? haha. or rather to whom? hehe.
mango: yeap yeap.
ayshy: chuckles. hehe.
black_chix & sara002: MUAKS. we HEARTS you too.
Anonymous: my real name is daniel henry chin kwok-fei. as per id. i know so posh my name. don't jealous. LOL.
maxx & amyz: i'm sure she knows. she reads this blog... ahhh see she's here already. HAHA.
Anonymous: yeah so did i.
SaZZY: haha. thanks! thou i seriously do think eric deserved it *if anyone else won, i've probably fainted on spot*. it was after all best costume designer. gol and gincu didn't had that many costumes. only certain scenes.

i'm sure you guys voted. *i know i did* hehe. thanks for the tonnes of supports!!!


sweethuneyz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sweethuneyz said...

hey u!!! thanks for putting this up. i love the show, but i have missed out lots of episodes. the thing is, i'm in KL during wkdays and i'm back home in spore during the wkends. and because of that, i didnt get to watch g&g the series religiously. only able to catch it if i got work to do in kl over the wkend.

really hope to get hold of the vcd once it is being release. pls do let us know when it will be, ok, shld u know abt the details.

thanks a lot. *smiles*

Anonymous said...

can u upload all of romantic scenes of g&g....plz....i luv fazura....i luv fazura...i luv fazura....die hard fan....ops i forgot 2 ask...when is it faz going 2 court again???....if not mistaken this month right??? 20 lebih haribulan....

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