Thursday, 3 August 2006

songs for episode 9

i'm extremely disgusted...

this is was how the credit roll looked like... NOW...

it's bad enough that they don't want to credit their own students, and staffs for acting,
NOW... they want to be known as advisors as well?????
*imagine a japanese anime with a big water mark on his head, BIG BIG water mark*
like what the FUCK did they do to deserve this credit? EXCUSE ME!? daniel henry "needs" ADVISE from LIM KOK WING? HA. HA. HULLO i get fashion advise only from my lecturers affiliated with PARSONS NEW YORK and works in the fashion industry and SML FASHION ACADEMY not those jailed and slaving their arse in a black black black HOLE. WHAT FUCKING advise CRAP from LIM COCK KOK WING? and HULLO MAKE UP advise comes from Susan Chaopradith.
WE ARE BOTH CONTRIBUTORS TO god knows how many TV COMMERCIALS and TOP SELLING FASHION MAGAZINES! think what red com picked us up from the street one fine day and decided we would slave for people???
this is TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like they have ever bother to advise both the head of department on anything.
I REFUSE TO TAKE THIS POST DOWN. you can suck lick my ass instead. i don't know why people are just so HADAP for titles... might as well... director. LUCT, producer. LUCT, channel. LUCT, *ah... gosh i'm already advertising LUCT* and i think they wouldn't mind if we called this LUCT instead of gol & gincu the series.
see misya this is WHY i said some sponsors are not worth me mentioning... WHO. EVER. GOES. TO. LUCT after this... i'm so NOT sorry. i HATEs you. ;o)

anyways... here are the songs...

first time they chat, you in me by juwita suwito
red ribbon meeting, kamu by nitrus

other songs used for episode 9

diari seorang lelaki by pretty ugly
cinta tiada akhirnya by jacklyn victor.

*imagine a japanese anime with a big # on his head, a big BIG parang on his left hand*
oh my dear darling lectures... LOVE ME. ;o)

oh i forgot, once a upon a time. my fashion lecturer *well she also works for established designers while lecturing me, so this does not apply to those who lectured me, THANK GOD* and art tutor *he did art with mr jolly koh* told me, that, if you teach fashion full time without contributing to the fashion world, *like work in the industry, in any factory and understand how the system works* but just teach full time especially right after college, university. YOU ARE A FAILURE in the fashion industry. WHY? what do you know apart from the WORDs you read from your fashion text books *most colleges don't have a proper fashion text book, they use MAGAZINEs, really*. and mind you in malaysia, most we don't get to learn law in fashion, fashion business, copyrights in fashion, so what could you teach your students? NOTHING much REALLY. ha.ha.ha. how much can you earn lecturing? not much. how much can you earn if you are a well established fashion designer? well... i have no idea, but look... just look at... erm... justin oh, yeoh lee, and zang toi to name a few. *go google their names if you don't know them already* they are probably not very rich but very well known in the fashion industry. btw i worked in fashion factories before this. hint hint. haha.


black_chix said...

lagu- kat gol n gincu sume best2 ;)

mat said...

who are you?

Anonymous said...

Cool down, dude... ^_^

Anonymous said...

relax bro :)
small matter

Anonymous said...

got razif's e-mail...??
or friendster/blog/myspace..?

ayshy said...

cool, daniel...

Anyway, many thanks for the poskad!!! I was screaming at the top of my voice while holding the poskad!
Very Much Appreciated, Daniel!
Lurves u!!

dy said...

no, its not a small matter daniel. i understand how u feel. f 'em.

Anonymous said...

woah!!! know wat u mean, i bdk LUCT yg enjoyed d show (so far)..but u hate us bcoz of limkokwing?!

heloo..thats unfair ok..we too hv 2 suffer bcoz of this..common la, b a bit's not our fault yg u kene advertise all of their demands, everytime d show goes on air, i kene constant mocking frm my sib's k, n i hate it!

i nak ckp ngan org where i study pon, i tak suke sgt, coz they will start judging all sort of shit abt us yg study kat fuck! give us a break la...wit all the shitty wannabees freshmans pon kite dah suffer enough to lepak at our college (yg use 2 be so ..idk lay low skit), n now this!!! just mention LUCT je, sume org like..owh nih bdk2 kaye yg poyo (bullshit..i amik loan ok!!!)..ala yg kolej g&g 2..

owh paaaaleaseee...maybe u guys should shoot this series (o.c wanabe..*vomit*) nih kat kolej lain k!

(kalo x puas hati sgt..go talk 2 limkokwing himself la..don't just bitch about it here!! it's a cheap stupid move i hv 2 say + d truth is, kitorang LUCT'ians pon x suke d fact dat u guys use our college 4 dis stupid lame-ass series!!! fuck u guys!)

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