Friday, 7 July 2006

jaw dropping spoiler*

well i decided to give you guys for once... an ultra spoiler... LOL... well i should just tell you what will happen this coming sunday eh... LOL... but my twisted version... *what... i like to see LOTS and LOTS of visitor what... so if making nonsense will draw people's attention i will do it!!!*

this is a lovely box that Angie made. she accidently left it on set one fine day... thinking no harm could possibly go to it... she just continued her journey home happily...

WAIT... i see hands there... could it be Angie's??? maybe... maybe not...

OMG. i couldn't believe it... PUTRI is like... disposing other people's property just like that... after all the hard effort Angie has put into making that fetiche cover? *well i think she only used 1 hour in making it... LOL*
I'm going to have to tell the mr in-all-black...

there she kena marah... like finally... kekekekekeke... simply throw people's thing la! padan muka... so naughty... LOL...

later that day... *i know it sounds like i stalk her everyday every movement/moment* she went and date date with Reza... to complain about me... complaning about her... BLEH.

reza: cayang... the curry chicken you gave me... see ia masih ada kat sini! buat malu je this morning when i pergi kerja. lagi kali jangan buat lagi ok.
putri: mana? oh well honey, this is me. it's either you take it or leave it! besides i buat semua ini untuk you, tapi you yang tak appreciate semua ini tau... and i have so much bigger problems than this love bite!
reza: cayang, i tak suruh you buat semua ni untuk i, at least a bit lower next time so the collar boleh hide kan...
*then i decided not to kacau daun and left the park, enough of spying, actually it's to avoide pierre from killing me... LOL*

but the next day... putri appeared in college wearing like this... I KNOW... I HAVE NO IDEA TOO... gosh... like so drama...

so what really did happened? LOL... stay tuned and fine out... but trust me it's nothing this hilarious... infact... you might just jaw drop... literally... and i mean it... like lots of SCREAMS... LOL... OMG such a series changing episode... like you and your friends... and family and everyone else... have got to watch it... LIKE... yes... WATCH it...
*what no other post on what i did today? i'll think about it... depending on my mood and if there's any demand for it from the comments *we went dancing today*...

lainieyeoh thank you for the url...
one thank you for supporting us, we'll try to behave, i mean be good ;o)
from the forum FaRiShAsYaHaNaZ... yea i do the co-ordination for everyone, except extras those i leave it to production, i'll only complain when the color is wrong like so wrong. but i've been so CLOSE ONE EYES lately... see la what i did to putri in ep6... like yawn *no la actually a lot of reasons why but what's the point of elobrating right... it's actually all nick's fault*... LOL... you like zie's sports attire... fetiche go buy la it's from adidas... LOL... mell's from toko located at oneU new wing...

merci beaucoup


Pinkity said...

OMFG, Putri drives a SLK (Sexy Little Kelisa) just like me!

AHahahha... keep it up!

Anonymous said...

hey there

becky didnt play during the G&G tourney at Sports Unlimited?..She is one of the best in ladies futsal fraternity.

pojan said...

i love g&g the series. I like the movie, but i love the series even more cos it gives the viewers a chance to get to know each character better. And I like the fact that g&g the series makes social issues as center or theme for each episode and in the end, karma and irony will add twists to these episodes. I wouldn't think that i could get hooked on a Malay tv series, but i do now.

Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

G&G has surprised me with its close relation to reality. We see movies & series/dramas vying for the perfect scenes that hardly happen in reality.

At first I find it hard to perceive G&G as a series that would distinguish itself from other Malaysian TV series/dramas, but what I find very appealing is that G&G discusses issues that women face. By women, I refer to the other category of women. From my opinion, the Malay women are divided into 2 categories: those who wear tudung with shallow minds, and those who do not don the tudung with a different conception of life & religion.

The "Jerangkung" episode left me with lots to think, and it left a sly grin on my face. I am just glad that there is a series out there that does not wholly ostarcized those who do not don the tudung and perceive us as the stereotype female dogs. Shows that not all who don the tudung are women of faith. Alas, I am not trying to vouch for a controversy here, but rather, to give my view on the series & the society that I have to face here. It's difficult.

I've grown to love the series, and I hope G&G shall tackle on issues such as the "Jerangkung" episode. Kudos to successfully conveying the messages that G&G wish to deliver.

limaubasi said...

sy curious sket psl prison tu. mana tau saper yg masok prison tu :)
btw, klaka la the thingy u wrote in ur post for this episod ^o^. eh, apsal kasut putri tuh semcm jek?? >_< memula ingatkan kene bungkus pasal patah kaki X_X

*gol & gincu the official blog page* said...

pinkity: oh shut up you attention whore. kelisa is YAWN. hehehe...

anonymous: becky was running her errants that day! so she couldn't make it. le sigh. it would have been so much better if she played instead of me i know!

pojan: let's hope hooked in a good way ;o) thanks for the support!

anonymous: i certainly do hope that the other issues we portrait on g&g does not relate to you. they ain't pretty. and yes society has it's flaws la, but the fact is no matter what we do, or how many years to come, it wouldn't change a damn thing. so suck it up. i know le sigh.

limaubasi: well now darling, didn't i shift your eye's attention? now you notice something wrong with the shoes instead of... OMG WHY IS THE SKIRT SO SUPER SHORT! see the eyes get fooled when there's such weird element going around and we wouldn't notice my first flaw anymore. kekeke.

thanks for the support people!

scorp said...

Hi Daniel Henry,

It's me from Forum Cari, the guy who asked about whether G&g will be exported. So...any plans? Y not try Philippines ke China ke...?

Besides that, when will we see more action by the girls on the futsal pitch throughout the series?

berhenti disini said...

I was prety sad knowing Reza's past from last night ep of "Jerangkung"..what gonna happen next? And I simply hate that Ayu character..Can she not wreck their relationship? But all in all, I luv the storyline going..berdebar2 rasanya. always, looking forward to Sunday nite tau! Apa2 pun, mesti balik rumah sebelum 10pm.

Btw, since I kat Singapore, channel 8TV tak berapa clear but we managed using the aeriel, janji nampak subtitle & dgr suara..
Vision can be quite I nak tanya..ada tak ura2 nak cd-kan Gol & Gincu TV Series sebab saya laa, orang pertama sekali yang akan beli.

Kita tak bleh harapkan SURIA lah. Film Gol & Gincu dilancarkan Aug 2005 tapi in June 06, baru dpt tgk kat TV, itu pun ada segments dier org cut..tak syiok laa kan..

2 hari kemudian, lepas tgk kat SURIA, terus merata cari vcd Gol&Gincu tapi lepas surf malaysian blogs, i realized that ada cd soundtrack from G&G semua...

I suka sekali lagu Nur Fatimah tuh tapi susah nak cari her cd..mp3 online pun susah.

Kita kat Singapore, rugi laa eh.
We missing out a lot of interesting stuff tau!


Help me kay coz I'll be supporting G&G all the way out!!

G&G rawks!!

One said...

i've fallen in luv...
antara produk Malaysia yg i'm proud of..
"u belum bersedia"...arrghh! heartbreakin...i pun sedey mcm Pu3..
..dah ketagih nak tgk G&G...can't wait for the next epi...rasa mcm nak pang! pang! dusyum! Ayu...

syam101 said...

me too, now i am getting more stuck to g&g.The outfit putri wears while she was hanging out ( when they bought a guitar) with reza is simply nice and stylo.
G&g is simply the best product rom malaysia at the moments.

*gol & gincu the official blog page* said...

scorp: well i know they are planning to export g&g to indonesia and singapore... philippines... ermmm.... maybe... possible... redcom did have a philippines counter part for 3R so it's possible... but china... do they understand bahasa at all??? subtittle...?

ayshy: omg. i'm like so happy to know singapore can receive 8tv! so shocked... everyone i know from singapore say they cannot receive it... million of thanks for watching g&g! mail me your addy at and i'll send you an autographed postcard. limited you know. ;o)

gaia said...


the Malay women are divided into 2 categories: those who wear tudung with shallow minds, and those who do not don the tudung with a different conception of life & religion.


Correction!...malay women wear tudung with non-shallow minds EXIST ^_^!

dy said...

Quote from gaia:


the Malay women are divided into 2 categories: those who wear tudung with shallow minds, and those who do not don the tudung with a different conception of life & religion.


Correction!...malay women wear tudung with non-shallow minds EXIST ^_^!

end quote

Yeah man, that's just a bad generalization. Duh!

I've only watched two episodes, not so bad considering how hard it is to be able to watch the series here in the US. Can't wait to watch more!

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