Sunday, 2 July 2006

Cinta Monyet...

dalam je sekelip mata dah masuk pun episode yang ke-5. sementara krew produksi sibuk dengan episode yang ke-11 je. crazy!
*i tried, i failed, i can't blog in bahasa...*
well in tonights episode i'm sure most of you would have already guessed... sharifah amani is going to guest star in it. and fingers cross we'll see her again. what's it all about? well puppy love, yeah i know direct translation would have been cinta anak anjing... how ODD! *trust me if i blog in bahasa it would have been called that* so as you all know it's jiji coming back for break and the girls starts to talk about...
mainly me.

david eng plays daniel. and sings to someone who ran away abruptly... leaving behind... ME ME and ME. oh well there's also chu...

pn fatimah: oh putri ni, dahlah datang tengok aunty. tak payah susah susah beli buah tangan.
putri: tak de la aunty. kotak kosong je bukannya ada apa.

earlier that morning putri was baking sweat cake... i mean a nice sweet choc cake...

putri: oh panasnya! kenapa set ni tak ada air condition??? buat peluh je!

so the actual senario was...

need i say more?

kekekeke... i sure had fun blogging this nonsense... hope you guys have heaps of fun watching tonight's episode... yes it's so girly this series, especially tonight's... what to do... wait for goodbye boys la. only in cinemas this september. LOL... *david's also in it*

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Anonymous said...

This show is SOOO Lesbian.

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