Wednesday, 20 September 2006


ops. after someone pointed out something at mell's blog... and especially since yesterday i was freaking lazy to work but dead BORED... i decided to start the glory of it all. thus people... i've moved. gol & gincu's journey ends here *for now* stay tune every once in a while *like next year onwards* to see if we have started season 2...

cheers! *don't kill the messanger*

loves all of you... MUAKS!!!
yes that includes those who don't comment... and especially those who do not comment here but b!tch back at their own blogs... MUAKS!!!
and... *waves fanatically* to JAPANese visitors... I'm COMING to you soon!!! next month... WOOT!!!

meanwhile... visit The Glory Of It All if you're free... have nothing better to do while checking your mails, doing your nails... munching your lunch/dinner... love to read junk and nonsense... wating for pages to load... etc etc etc... *or you simply love me* HOHOHO...

peace y'all!


yivon said...

How can I reach Ashraf?
Does he has an email or sumthin?
Help please...

-M- said...

yikes! This is too much!
First i got to depart with G&G.. and now u? No more bitching? Shucks! :(

al said...

wah, it's getting really hard to get a hold of the gol and gincu tv series set. everywhere sold out la! :( just bought goodbye boys. will watch it tonight.

alongariff said...

and it's simply becos i love u!!

keep on writing :)
gonna mish ur updates here~

Anonymous said...


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