Saturday, 2 September 2006

sing songs. and our billboard survives... LOL

ops... i promised someone to put up the songs and i totally forgotten about it. hohoho... anyways... for episode 13... the songs are...

star & cinta tiada akhirnya by jaclyn victor
imaginasai by nikki
dari sini ke bintang bintang farah asyikin (wow the lyrics are by rafidah)

while episode 12,
jurutera, masih aku terasa & beku all 3 by shanon shah
fame & glory by frequency cannon

hmmm... there isn't any songs credited for episode 11... apart from the theme songs...
and ermm for the other episodes... please hunt them from the previous post... i'm LAZY. hahaha...

even thou the seires is over... most of the billboards has been taken down already. but the main one remains standing... heh... my last glance at the huge huge board which will... i predict be taken down this coming week... le sigh...


davis said...

thanx for posting..lame nak tunggu u postin'..anyway,thnx for all the news&updated about g&g & dont forget to add up more.i'm really miss g&g..when u all want to start filmin' season2??

Hani Mialystic said...

oouw so sedih

xde dhla billboard lepas neh

sokay. season two? here i come.


Stupe said...

season 2 bile?

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