Thursday, 14 September 2006

i'm back.

heyaz. so i was in bali for a week. and now i'm back. have tonnes of work to do and lots of catching up to do and lots of preparation to do before i fly off again. so wouldn't be blogging until this coming saturday. i hope. will post pictures of bali. ;o) news on Gol & Gincu? erm... i don't know anything for now... will head down to redcom to keapoh and then i'll post them here... cheers!

oh and i saw this on sazzy's site... (apala you... asked you to send to me... but put on your site instead... BLEH)
cool huh... highest... haha... highest... mmm... amazing!!! thanks viewers! (that includes me of cuz) hahahaha.


Shuxie said...

emm i havent got the chance to watch this gol and gincu the series. i only watch the movie huhuhu...
do you have any way to watch it on9 due to my place dont have malaysian channel huhuhuh

all the best.
take care

ayamanna said...

waaa u so busy till no time to post up bali pics aa?? surprisingly, quite a number of ppl i know went to bali last 2 weeks too. what? suddenly everyone felt like they needed a break? heehehe...glad to hear you had fun. as for the jet spray, use your imagination darling ;p

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