Thursday, 26 October 2006


20th of OCT 2006
while i was in tokyo. doing my thing. being fabulous and all. and busy thinking what it would be like walking down that red carpet...
it was announced that... G&G the series, SEASON 2... is an OFFICIAL PROJECT.
thou it's an OFFICIAL yes, we'll only be able to start shoot early next year.
*dang i hope the fan flames would still be burning by then*
we basically need time to prepare things...
*and since not much comments have been said on what they would like to see in season 2 except the endless... HAIKAL & SHASHA thing... WHAT ABOUT ME!!! LOL we need more time thinking about the new plots etc*
so guys & girls... stay tune. stay FABULOUS.


rachie said...

Sobs... so touched. G&G is back!! Do you know how tormenting is it to watch One Tree Hill instead of G&G?! (well, wasn't that of a torture la. heck, i luv Tree Hill >_<). However... I'm gonna throw a party n blow lotsa balloons to celebr8 da coming home of G&G!! Cheers to a much more fab work to the G&GII crew!! =D

Smokemirrors said...


eryna82 said...

*clap² + excited + can't hardly wait

Amiene Rev said...

What a luck... I found there's FUTSAL in my village and I going to shout to world about that!!!

yeah!!!! MY VILLAGE HAVE A FUTSAL!!! hahahaha

well have a nice day.

danielhenry said...

rachie: thanks! we hope to come back with a better season! much fabulous script etc! give us time!!! rather than we make a quick come back and bore you to death. haha.

smokemirrors: i know! i'm happy too! haha.

eryna82: me too. i'm like so bored doing nothing now. but well we have to wait for everyone to prepare. le sigh.

amiene rev: haha gr8! where do you live la. say until village... my mind goes wild. kampung... mmm... kampung... hehe. have fun PLAYING! it's really addictive. *i dun play but now i dun mind playing it haha*

thanks y'all for the support and for continuously coming back here! cheers!

dy said...


daniel, you're totally fab! muax!


aiNil said...

ey, is 8tv or sape2 jela making hard copy of G&G the series?im a big fan ey..but too bad im no longer in msia..ill be back another 4,plz lemme know if there is vcd available..mail me huh!-->

Anonymous said...

cantt wait...
lamenyee...nxt yr ke :(

era Natasha said...

AWESOMENESS! I cant rmber ever bein in luv with a malaysian tv series this much la! U guys take ur time [well not toooo much la :p] n come up with an even more fun, funny, n most of all REAL storylines than u did in season 1 alrighty? My friends and i will be waitin *anxiously* =)

P/S: any chance of us being a part of the G&G Season 2 Team? Extras, kulis, main star, u name it! haha *winks*

isaac said...

can i become one of the pelakon tambahan? :P

i can do it for FOC you know hehehe

Anonymous said...

yeahness. g&g is bacckkkkk ♥

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