Friday, 30 June 2006

i dedicate this to ONdreAH

today is andrea's *or rather ONdreAH, if you would hear how miranda priestly pronounces it* last day and off she'll go back to USM... that's all the way back to penang. so we're down with manpower... anyone keen in working for FREE with us? i need slaves... LOL...

faz going thru her script for the last time...

bernard convincing faz that her make up is fine... infact any more it will turn into those typical malay dramas... *no offences, i HATE those make-up... super thick... as if you see such malay girls on the street... give my malaysian girls some credit please*

our latest make-up artist... Miss Angeline... she's a mother of 1. can you believe that? but she's so shy... and well trying to do the pose. such failure thou... cuz...

i used my phone to snap pictures of her, when all this while she's thinking i'm busy smsing Peng... far right... the guy in red shirt... trying to look cool... that's Chu... he's currently taking over Abang Jamal's work... doing what... ermm... i don't know... hahahahahaha... something related to equiptments la...

and here's another one of her... see such failure trying to hide your pretty face away *she does look a little like Reese Witherspoon don't she, i wonder if her husband is as gorgeous as Ryan Phillippe*... and the guy on the far left the white shirt guy... that's Keong... the DOP, director of photography... WTF is he thinking? playing while we are running behind schedule!!!

again another failure picture of Mr. 1st AD... it's either that or he's so not photogenic...

bernard: PUT3 that's enough of blusher, you've been applying since mak tiri* left the table just now and now he's back!!!
Putri: Just a little bit more. It's dark in here. Can't see~la.
Shasha: Hmmm... maybe i'll add more of mine too...

shasha: where's my money? pay up now!!!
putri: yiks. you're here.

Dopey... i hope this answer your question in the forum... page 1. you said you heard faz and sazzy aren't close? now tell me... how CLOSE do you want them to be? like literally... i could get them to pose even closer next time... they are like best friends la. on set and off set. in fact everyone on set are all good friends with one another la! WE. ARE. FAMILY.

scorpio_mmiv : yes there are plans to air gol & gincu the series in indonesia and singapore. but this is a hear hear only la. where else the movie has already been shown in singapore via suria, one of their malay channels like our astro ria. and i heard they were showing the movie recently in indonesia. *yes recently... how slow... haha* so if there's a good reception to it they'll air the series la... *you know... nicholas saputra was suppose to be in our movie but his schedule was so tight... tak jadi... le sigh... which role? well we killed that role... and a lot more others... HA.HA*

* if you all must know i'm nicked as mak tiri by faz and b*stard with heels by mell.

there should be more pictures tomorrow with Ashraf, Hannah Tan, Bernice Chauly, Faz & Sazzy... my camera went dead today while snapping pictures... used my phone for some of them... thank GOD for 2.3mp phones... and more crapped up conversation... i lurves doing that... LOL... HMMM why is everyone like wearing GREEN today!??

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