Thursday, 29 June 2006

g&g futsal challenge

wasn't on shoot this pass few days. had to prep for the finale... gosh so sad i'm doing the end of season 1. can i say we have season 2? DO WE HAVE YOUR SUPPORT? i hope so otherwise i'll be jobless for a while... LOL... anyways yesterday *well it's already 0026, and here i am reporting at this wee hour when i've a shoot in less than 8 hours* we had a G&G Futsal Challenge held at sports unlimited... many thanks to the press who attended this HOT and i mean hot hot event... for those of you who don't know or didn't get the chance to drop by, it's an all friendly match organized by 8tv naturally, between 8tv, HotFM, 100plus, EMI and G&G. some of the cast didn't turned up, cuz they had other shoots to attend too.

the 3R girls were at some state i have no idea where in some camping trip for 3R... kempen confident?
sazzy was caught in a photo shoot for some dumb magazine. yes dumb. who ask them to hire morons making a huge delay for the photo shoot thus us not having sazzy for our dear fans and press... like whatever kan. LOL.
zarina was busy doing promo for her album... she's so stressed up... and super busy...
fazura was late cuz we/she had a shoot earlier for G&G episode 10. it's so bizarre this episode MUST watch!
mell does not play futsal, she was busy anyways with another t.v. series.

well i shall stop harassing you with words that makes no sense and present you some... very... again little pictures... haha...

don't 8tv just LURVES us? making all these banners and billboards and POSTCARDS... who wants? offer ends for the first three. i could... ask them to autograph it... the cast... LOL... so i'm doing such drama PROMO... thank you 8TV.

reza and j... i mean pierre and fasha having a drink before the game... i mean having a 100PLUS drink... =)

yes... i had to play... i don't understand why till today people chase after a ball... it's like... HULLO...

8 team... doing some... drama on the pitch... hehe

no they are not a couple and no i don't ever think it's going to happen...

mr razif... enjoying himself on the seat... while i'm running my arse kicking a stupid dumb ball...

faz felt that her make-up was not good enough so she decided to do some touch up... but at her waist... hmmm... hehe...

fans came all the way from school... i wonder if they ponteng class or not... they did come in school sports attire... hmmm...

hope you guys enjoyed it... i'm so lazy and tired now... of typing nonsense... and i still don't know what sazzy is going to wear for the next sense later... OM*G. oh in between the game... Radhi and Ella performed... but i was too lazy... i mean tired to stand up and snap a pic... i decided to just sit down and enjoy instead... so TOO BAD your lost for not coming. BLEH.
-the end-

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