Tuesday, 20 June 2006

door gift*

well since today is an off day. there's no shoot or much work to do but return and send wardrobe out for laundry, i had some extra time to set up this blog site and also a frienster account for fans to add... www.friendster.com/golgincu. add if you want too. it's totally going to be for fun la that friendster thingy.

anyhows... like i said today's an off day so i decided to just post something from the past... and it's just a simple picture, a door gift actually that 8tv prepared for us *i think it was for the press and media who attended the press conferences last month* there's also a phone strap and a phone sock... but i am too lazy to snap a pic of it... let me REST! i might put it on one fine day that strap thingy is just too cute not to show off... LOL... *why am i crappying so much... the photo is still not loaded that's why so i'm just basically killing time*

OH btw the reason why this blog is lipstickandgoalpost instead of golgincu is because someone else already started a blog using that url address, so mine's in the english version la. do visit the other site if you want very critical comments... i ain't going to post those stuffs... i'm only going to focus mainly on behind scene and whatever that's fun and easy for me to do. however readers and fans... do feel free to comment on whatever you like... ;o)

ahh... it's finally here... cheng cheng... one of our 3 door gifts... ain't it lovely... i wouldn't know how it would taste thou... didn't bother trying it... haha...

*hurmp... there isn't any template that represents g&g... this is so PINK YIKS!... ok so maybe it's Put3... but it's so not me!*

tomorrow i shall do a brief intro on all the crews. so at least you know who to point finger to when you spot some errors on the show... ;o)

date: 20.06.06 time: 2216

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