Saturday, 1 September 2007

script turns reality

hey y'all,

sorry for not posting earlier. got back, rushed for a camp, came back and felt sick. i'm still having fever and all, none-the-less life goes on right.

i've basically missed 4 episodes. and no just because we film it and i worked at red communications doesn't mean i get to see it before hand. i don't. the first air time is my first chance of seeing it too like everyone else (except maybe the editors, producers and directors, they probably saw it for more than 20 times de). anyways so like i said i missed 4 epsidoes and it's been close to 3 weeks that we wrapped (it feels sooooo long ago!!!).

ok ok i'm mumbling crap.

the point is... i am LATE in posting this... probably. haha.
(i know i'm going to get sounding after this post is up...)

please see the video. if not here then in YOUTUBE la.

a little facts about last season... one of the reason why we didn't kill ayu last season, was... when most of the scripts was written, some of the plots came into a reality or was a reality to the cast in actual life. so we didn't want anything bad happening to any of the cast.
e.g... J had those childhood marriage plan from her parents... Fasha has it in reality... same case senario... the script writers don't know about it before hand. they wrote it and when the cast read the script that's when they said "OMG". no joke. there's plenty more but i'll leave that to your imagination. BUT NO Pierre Andre has no AIDS. touch wood.

and as you can see in this video... shasha almost... ALMOST got knocked by the car. and no we didn't plan for that car to come, it wasn't the "stunt car" (if we ever had one...) that was a passer by's car... and like i said... ALMOST knocked her... damn freaky...

if she did... she would have looked like this.

but this pesakit a bit weird one. can still laugh.
for real. LOLs.

initially the post wasn't suppose to be like this... i planned to make it really horror... but well... since i'm late in posting it... i might as well just post it la. keke.

until the next coming post... where it should be... by right the tshirt post... see yaz. =)

(to that somebody who also reads this blog once in a while... yes yes so i show too much of her. i know! oh shut up... i'll show some of the rest of you also la! cheezz... haha)


-M- said...

The scarry pic (of the bloody woman who can still laugh hehehe) is an example of JUICY stuff.. but alamak.. lambat post la.. if not if wud hv been JUCIER babeh.. hehee

Jeanie said...

hehe... lurve de pic... btw saw u on mtv jus that day haha

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