Thursday, 27 September 2007

winner winners...

yes, i sure did take my time in posting this post.
i know.
well SORRY~la.

Berlin was a fun adventure for me. i was asked to model and then there's trouble with the brand's collection, shipment only arrived 2 days before our fashion show so was a little erm... tense. then when everything was done... the internet... the free neighbour internet access was suddenly no longer free... HAIYA!

(i guess he realised why his connection is sooooo slow suddenly... HAHA)

well you don't get to see me do the runway cuz it's impossible to snap the picture and walk on the runway. and i was too ego to ask for the pictures. HAHA.


CONGRATS to ENDY and SULIANA do email me at, you both have won the contest.
i'm being generous and will throw in one personal tshirt collection of mine.
(one of you are super lucky since i'm moving and i don't have space to keep anymore memorabilia!)

(next post which will be out as soon as i can compose all the pictures i have left... will be the official last post of this blog...)


Suliana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suliana said...

yeay!!! am sooo happy, already email-ed you! :D TQ!

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