Wednesday, 10 January 2007


dear all,

it's been a pleasure serving and blogging on behalf of the gng production team.
however everything good has to come to an end.
and this blog has reached it's limit.

for simple reason but yet too complicated to explain.
perhaps somebody else would do the blogging part for year 2.
but certainly it wouldn't be me.

so this blog would be here till the end of Feb.
after that it will be erased.

thank you for being an audiece.
you've been a blast!



allan said...

huh? but why?
u r still on the team rite?

err....goodluck to season 2!!

ayshy said...

Daniel, why???

Gonna missed all the backstage shots by u..


Take care ya!

U have been a blast too for sparing some time from ur busy hectic schedule just to put up this blog for us, the fanatic fans.

And for that, a VERY BIG THANK U, Daniel!

Really Appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

allan: well tv actually very politic loh... marketing and production side like two different thing... so i don't want to be fingered to be the one giving out gossips etc le. and sometimes do so much for what when they don't recognize your effort in promoting the series?
yes still in the team... the producer should get me to sign some contract before i change my mind... HAHA.
thank you for dropping by.

ayshy: eeee... why need password to enter your blog!? you've been a blast too! don't worry i will still blog but just not on this G&G site la... *and post lots and lots of pictures!!!* it will be on my blog. so then at least they can't bitch about it. cuz it's MINE.
go there le... in april... i surely will B!TCH about something on set... HAHAHA...

allan said...

anyway its good to know that we can still read ur private blog about GnG....

Any news on Mia? i really hope to see more of her the oncoming season.

Love Mia.
mia mia mia mia mia

Anonymous said...

aiyorr...just when i started to drop by this blog, u said ur ending it on feb..sighh...=(

but nevertheless, i had fun reading the postings here and will definitely drop by ur own blog..=D

u take care now!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
iantie said...

oh my ! oh my! i just finished watching this series.. in singapore it jus started to show episode 5 i think, so slow laa.. i should have catched GnG at 8TV months back... and Please don't close this blog.. let it remain.. and what's your contact.. at least i know when to catch up for season2, will it be showing at 8tv again in future? let me know ... ya

Anonymous said...

grace: thanks for dropping by... mmm... i think my own blog is so much fun kay... HAHAHA...

iantie: yes, GNG will be showing on 8tv again. most probably in July... production starts only end of March. they'll air GNG season 1 then the season 2. sorry i do intend to close this site down.


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